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Soon after I posted my first review, a rep from Nutrisystem contacted me via email. The bottom line, though, is that it has been proven to be a fast and effective way to lose weight for decades now. Patricks Day View Current. We are so sorry to hear about your poor experience with the delivery of your foods, the food itself, and the representative you dealt with. Rachel was very helpful in helping me to better understand my needs while on the plan and I am very thankful for her professionalism. We are happy to hear that your water bottle issue has been handled but are sad to hear that your husband is still having issues.

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Nutrisystem Coupons and Review – $220 Off

But will you be healthier, will you be stronger, vibrant, and full of energy? I have seen many people who lose weight and they feel so energy-depleted they can barely walk some times.

So, they resume their previous eating patterns and gain all the weight back, and some more. Nutrisystem's doctors and dietitians have designed the program's meal plan in such a way that you get the most nutrients for the lowest possible amount of calories. This doesn't mean that you get to eat nuts, oatmeal and dry chicken. The food is not "too healthy" by any means. You get to enjoy regular-type food, like burgers, pizza, past, and chocolate, which has been specifically made to contain all the necessary nutrients without the salt, fats, and sugars that fast food or regular grocery food often contains.

Nutrisystem food items naturally have or are fortified with lean protein, healthy fats, and "slow release" low glycemic index complex carbs. And of course, they have no stimulants, appetite suppressants, aspartame, MSG or any other chemicals or food additives. And the list includes things like eggs, chicken, fish, and much more.

There are dozens and dozens of reviews that demonstrate how powerful this program can be, and their system is backed by research. WW Freestyle offers you the freedom, flexibility, and affordability to reach your weight loss goals!

You can go to almost any restaurant and eat almost Anything So why do you need Weight Watchers? Just joined this past week. So far it seems great! I disagree with being more flexible and better to lose weight. I was a member and dropped it after a couple months on freestyle. I wanted to log smart points and, of course, WW changed the app so that is impossible. So instead of eating whatever you want, you are kind of forced to eat those foods the new zero point, chicken, beans, eggs.

Can I really have a 4 egg omelet for 0 points, then eat 12 ounces of chicken for lunch, corn, beans and lettuce for 0 points, then same for dinner then have 23 points of chocolate??

The answer is well of course not, you have to use common sense, you can eat all you want. My response, so then they are not ZERO points, unlike broccoli or spinach, all these items have quite a lot of calories. Bring back smart points WW. Personally, I think they want to keep people paying longer by slowing weight loss, better for their stock, right? I miss smart points too! I tried freestyle, but since I do eat full fat dairy and like the skin on my chicken, I felt it very difficult to be on a whole foods diet and stay within my points.

On smart points I could stay within my points eating that way and lost a lot of weight while feeling satisfied. I wish smart points would come back! I HATE the new plan. It was easy to see how many points I could go over. The new plan automatically reduces my intake by 7 points a day, even when I am eating the same things. I seriously HATE the new plan. On the Weight Watcher Freestyle I have not been losing weight at all.

Use two coupons together for one item! My neighbor said you could do this. I haven't tried it yet. Are the groceries free yet? You should have seen the clerks face!

I felt like I won the lotto. You can also use the store flyer coupons with the manufacturers coupons at any major drug store chain such as Eckards, CVS and Rite-Aid. These drug stores have sales every week on their store brand of diapers or the premium brand diapers such as Huggies or Pampers.

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