Muscle Origin and Insertion: Definition and Actions

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Primer on Molecular Genetics from the U. Students in online learning conditions performed better than those receiving face-to-face instruction. Viruses for example contain a complicated type of protein called nucleoprotein. Nutrition Awareness - Estimate the basic metabolic rate BMR , energy for voluntary activities and the energy to process food. Only after their small movements were noticed in did the animal nature of sponges slowly come to be recognized.

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What Are Macronutrients? - Definition, Functions & Examples

Intro to Biology with Lab. UExcel Bioethics - Philosophical Issues: John Simmons John has taught college science courses face-to-face and online since and has a doctorate in physiology. Did you know that groups of muscles are needed for various body movements? Origin and Insertion Most skeletal muscle is attached to bone on its ends by way of what we call tendons. Action Nomenclature Muscle contraction results in different types of movement.

One way to describe muscle action is by the bone that is involved. Muscle Functional Roles The human body has over muscles responsible for all types of movement. Try it risk-free No obligation, cancel anytime. Want to learn more? Select a subject to preview related courses: The antagonist action helps control the muscle movement.

Lesson Summary In summary, skeletal muscles are attached to bones on each end by tendons. Learning Outcome At the end of this video, you will be able to: Differentiate between origin and insertion, as well as proximal and distal Explain how agonists, antagonists and synergists work together to control muscle movement.

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Secure Server tell me more. A virus can multiply only inside a host cell, whose genetic mechanisms it subverts for its own reproduction. Both the structure of the virus and its mode of replication differ widely between viruses.

The usual outcome of a viral infection is the lysis destruction of the infected cell, with the release of viral particles. Some viruses, however, can instead become integrated into the host chromosome, where their genes are replicated along with those of the host cell.

Because viruses sometimes carry host DNA sequences from one species to another, they make possible an occasional mixing of different gene pools during their evolution. Virulent viruses usually kill the cells they infect.

Other viruses, although also often able to kill cells, frequently have a more subtle effect. These viruses are called temperate. Virus infected bacteria which appear un-infected but have the hereditary ability to produce phage, are called lysogenic. Upon infection, genes promoting both lytic growth and lysogenic integration are expressed. Which pathway succeeds is determined by the competing action of these early gene products and by the influence of host factors.

The lambda phage is a well studied temperate phage which can grow in synchrony with its host E. The lytic cycle is that part of the life cycle of a temperate phage in which it multiplies rapidly, destroying its host and releasing many copies into the medium. The pathway genes in the lambda immunity region are: The lambda system provides one of the best studied examples of a genetic switch.

Two back-to-back promoters in the region of cI and cro control the genetic switch. When cI is present it activates its own synthesis and blocks transcription of cro. When cI is inactivated, transcription of cro can occur, resulting in the lytic cycle. The cI protein combines with the operator, Or.

Polymerase are enzymes producing a polynucleotide sequence, complementary to a pre-existing template polynucleotide.

Polymerization is the combination of several molecules to form a more complex molecule, usually by addition or a condensation process. It is sometimes a reversible process. Biology I Reference Sites.

Gram Negative Stain - Red or pinkish. Why does it stain this way? The color differences are sometimes subtle so learn to recognize the differences! When, as the result of my first communications on the fermentations in , it appeared that the ferments, properly so-called, are living beings, that the germs of microscopic organisms abound in the surface of all objects, in th air and in water; that the theory of spontaneous generation is chimerical; Book Directory Computational Molecular Biology: An Integration of Chemistry Click on the names in the List below for detailed information.

It is known for its nitrogen fixing abilities, and they form symbiotic relationships with certain plants, such as the mosquito fern. They are one of four genera of cyanobacteria that produce neurotoxins , which are harmful to local wildlife, as well as farm animals and pets. Joint-Legs Phylum Arthropoda M Those That Sting - Visit the Oregon Coast Aquarium's virtual jellyfish exhibit to learn about the jellyfish's biology, life cycle, relatives and even see live pictures on the JellyCam.

Also has two classroom activities, one K-4 and the other Introduction to the Ctenophora - Information on ctenophores "comb jellies" with links to cnidarian and jellyfish information. Invasion of the jellyfish. Sea Stars - Information on its description, habitat, diet, breeding, etc. Confocal Image Gallery - Marchantia Sporophyte.

Deuterostomia - Lophotrochozoans vs. Metabolic Pathways Wall Chart. You can access the individual images by clicking in a reduced image of an entire section of the wall chart use the linkS below. Stem Cells; Scientific Progress and A Global Resource Scientific American: Science and the Citizen: If you enjoy caring for people and are intrigued by a job where you will constantly learn and interact with people, than learn more about online medical assisting degrees.

As a medical assistant, you will work closely with a physician and perform clinical tasks as well as work on administrative tasks. Human Anatomy Online - InnerBody. What is zoology anyway? The study of animals. The branch of biology that studies and classifies animals and animal life. It is a branch of biology that is concerned with the scientific study of animals, including their biology, distribution, and identification and including the study of animals - mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects, spiders, and mollusks including mussels.

The science and history of the animal kingdom, including its king, the House Fly Musca maledicta. The father of Zoology was Aristotle, as is universally conceded, but the name of its mother has not come down to us. Two of the science's most illustrious expounders were Buffon and Oliver Goldsmith, from both of whom we learn L'Histoire generale des animaux and A History of Animated Nature that the domestic cow sheds its horn every two years.

OK, OK enough of the definitions - now tell me some zoology details. I want details please. Animals - Animal Kingdom Sites.

University of Michigan - Zoology BiologyBrowser. General animal kingdom sites: Since the [natural] history of man interests us most directly and should stand as the basis of comparison to which we submit the accounts of all other animals, we shall treat it in greater detail. Amphibians Loads of information on amphibians. Includes a tutorial on amphibian embryonic development, amphibian pictures and more. Birds Information on bird identification, bird songs, pictures, clipart and more.

Bird Behavior Information on speech, mating habits, migration and other behavioral characteristics exhibited by birds. Animals Discover some interesting facts about animals. Mammals Learn about the characteristics that differentiate mammals from other vertebrates. Primates Information and resources pertaining to primates. Includes images of different primate species. Reptiles Learn about turtles, lizards, snakes and other reptiles. Includes wonderful images of various reptiles.

Marine Biology Get information on how to become a marine biologist or search a database that contains over 2, marine species. Botany Encyclopedia of Plants and Botanical Dictionary. Botany Biosciences Botanical Society of America: A non-profit membership Society Be sure to click on the subjects in the left column to explore this great site. Flower Anatomy Printout - EnchantedLearning. Biology Page 2 Plants. Science Calculators and Conversion Factors.

Molecular Biology Software - Reviews and Download links. Nuclear Terminology The Language of the Nucleus, on-line edition. The world's largest nuclear glossary. Includes country studies and North America gazetteer. AllRefer Health Medical resource provides extensive information on diseases , symptoms , tests , surgeries , injuries , nutrition , poisons , and special topics. Focuses on family and community health.

Online image database links. Just enter the name of the image you want, like "paramecium" and search for images. Microscopic Image Search Engines.

General Biology Image Search Engines. Animal - Nature - Plant Image Links. Microsopic Images From University of Oregon.

Plant Parts and Functions Yahoo! Nerium Oleander leaf x-sec. Juglans Walnut cleared leaf Ammophila cleared leaf Tradescantia stomata Simple leaf, pinnate venation Simple leaf, palmate-reticulate venation Compound leaf, bipinnate Compound leaf, palmate Ligustrum Pine leaf Zea Netted venation Hydrophyte Xerophyte Roots Raphanus Radish root tip whole mount Zea Corn root tip longitudinal sec.

Ranunculus Buttercup root x-sec. Ranunculus Buttercup young root x-sec. Ranunculus Buttercup mature root x-sec. Smilax root endodermis x-sec. Lateral root origin Tilia root x-sec. Sambucus lenticel Pinus wood x-sec. Pinus wood tangential sec. Pinus wood radial sec.

Quercus Oak wood x-sec. Quercus Oak wood radial sec. Quercus Oak wood tangential sec. The Emergence of Embryos Unseating Naturalism: Mushrooms, Fungi, Mycology Natural Perspective: Biology Fungi Biology homework help. Cornell Center for Fungal Crustose lichen, Ascomycotina.

Fungi, Fungus, Fungal Fruticose lichen, Ascomycotina. Fungi Images on the Net Velcome. Introduction to the Fungi. New Home for Fun Facts. Orchid root with endomycorrhizae. The Fungi of California. Tom Volk's Fungi including mushrooms, mycology, molds, indoor. Welcome to Fungal Biology Yahooligans! Fungi Kingdom Medmicro Chapter Liverworts Bryophyta Hepatic Orders Mosses and liverworts, simple plants?

Cell Cycle Tutorial from "Cells Alive! The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. Introduction to the Fungi Fungi Fungi Perfectia: Scientific graphing, curve fitting and GraphPad Prism 4: Scientific graphing, curve fitting and Fall Mathematics for Biological Sciences Graphic software, graphic program, graphing software, graphing.

Plant Anatomy- Image List. Lab Help for Ex. Definition of hydrophyte Hydrophyte House hydrophyte, hydrophytes- WordWeb dictionary definition Hydrophyte hydrophyte: Definition and Much More From Answers.

The Lives of a Cell: Notes of a Biology Watcher by Lewis Thomas. Listen to this book now by clicking on this link to Yahoo! The Book - A highly recommended freshwater protozoa guide! A Color Guide by David J. Book Description This color book makes the identification of individual protozoa easily accessible and provides information on protozoan communities found in different environments by means of a wealth of color photomicrographs supported by original and detailed line drawings and concise text.

Contains excellent information for ecologists as well. Thanks to David Patterson for submitting information in this section. The WWW links on these pages will take you directly to the various web site pages.

Your browser URL address line will tell you the origin of the site. See our our other great biology pages: See our separate Microphotos page. See our separate Paramecium page. See our separate Microscopy page. See our separate Taxonomy page. See our separate Biology Dissection Links page. Cell Structure and Functions Cell Structure and Function Cell Structures and Functions.

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