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Solace at Pier Park was born of a desire to better service the Panama City Beach guests and growing needs of the area. Open golf and The Open as part of his on-air responsibilities. Solace has aligned with Aveda, a globally recognized beauty industry leader. It was formed in May by the Small Change Foundation…. Survivalist retreats are intended to be self-sufficient, easily defended, and are generally located in lightly populated rural areas.

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This isn't Golic's first foray with the 4Runner. He had one when he first started his football career, as well as a 4Runner, though his previous vehicle before that was a Ford F Raptor. Jake was hot on these new 4Runners. I had gotten a regular 4Runner, Jake's like, 'They've got these new ones—there's only a few of them made in that color. I'm past the 'I need a lot of horsepower and pick up' and all that, it's just a really good, good-looking car.

It's got enough bells and whistles on it to keep me happy. Golic gives his 4Runner a 9 on a scale of I don't know if there's a perfect car. I like it a lot, I really, really do," he says. I usually like a sunroof. I usually keep it open. Golic learned to drive in his dad's Oldsmobile Delta 88 in Willowick, Ohio. Although he doesn't remember the model year, it was earlier than , the year he learned how to drive. Parking lot first, learned the in's and out's and on the street—completely illegal, but that's how he rolled with teaching us.

Back when I was doing this, you had to take classes, but he taught me to drive before I could take them. His dad's example of teaching him to drive was passed on to Golic. I certainly have a vivid memory of him teaching me. I did the same for my kids. I took them out before they were old enough to do the classes.

He was definitely strict, any loosey goosy driving, hands 10 and 2—he taught me the right way to go about everything. It was easy to learn how to drive in the neighborhood where Golic grew up.

Golic's dad sold the Delta 88 to a senior at his high school. My high school number was 88, and I knew the kid, and he was using it in demolition derbies," he says. It was my jersey number. Most off-grid homes have an alternative source of energy that provides electricity—solar, wind, hydro…. What does no electricity mean? No cell phone, no radio unless battery powered, no TV, no lights, no running water… So many of the things that we are prepping to maintain, this family has chosen to either do without or found a non-electric alternative.

The pay-off to this homeowner built homestead? Think about it, what would you be willing to give up for the freedom of having only one bill a year? One family started a few years later and have a full solar array next to their home. Two of the families visit on weekends and help when they can on communal buildings.

Someday they may decide to build, but not in the near future. Families, visitors, and interns often share the communal house on the property. The aspect of a land cooperative tickled my brain. I did a google search for land cooperative and came up with a very interesting article on: It was formed in May by the Small Change Foundation…. The first members moved to the land in June Co-op members privately own their own homesteads, which range in size from 1 acre to several acres each.

Over 90 acres are maintained as a nature preserve—the Common Land owned collectively and enjoyed by the entire membership. Both private and shared land is heavily restricted to maintain its natural state.

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