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The Australian Indigenous Health Info Net is working to 'close the gap' by providing the evidence base to inform practice and policy in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health. When Protector frigate was sold to Denmark in the s as the ship Hussaren the desalination plant was studied and recorded in great detail. To help customers plan for any scheduled service interruptions, we publish the dates and details one month in advance. Researchers in the creative arts have been proactive in the development of a practice-based research culture. With a focus on business in society, nationally and internationally recognised researchers undertake a range of applied research that influences government policy, organisational behaviour and decision-making, and develops frameworks, processes and skills for businesses and individuals. The board of directors of Tampa Bay Water was forced to buy the plant from Poseidon in to prevent a third failure of the project. ECU has developed a reputation as one of the leading institutions for cyber security research, delivering immediate and high impact outcomes in the areas of digital forensics, cyber security, critical infrastructure security and human security.

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