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Has it held up well with spills? Many California marijuana products failing safety tests Tests for potency and purity have been required since July. It is important to note that Nutrisystem allows you to easily modify, pause or cancel your subscription. The Zone diet is mostly meat, fruits, and vegetables. Finally, Frequent Meals means that you are encouraged to eat up to six times per day, which helps you fight off hunger. Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson sends emotional video to teen who lost his mom.

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Natural wood appearance Scratch resistant Waterproof performance Uniclic system floats over existing floors Rough-sawn embossed surface texture for added realism 25 comments: Ara Nubar Kerestedjian said Hi, I started getting hives after 2 weeks that we installed them. Just waned to see if anyone has any issues with this product. Called my local Costco and they advised me to check with the manufacturer Madewell to see if they have any reported problems, talked to a person called Don and he was very nice and caring in the beginning, of course he said that I'm the first one who complained about this product.

Then I asked him for a refund and I never heard back from him. It's been about 10 months and I'm still dealing with hives! Any feedback is highly appreciated! Hello Ara, I've never heard of anyone getting hives from flooring, but it's a good guess that the Golden Arowana Reclaimed Walnut Luxury Vinyl Planks that you installed in your home is made of or has some sort of material that is causing an allergic reaction.

It's unfortunate that this is happening to you and it sucks even more that the manufacturer isn't doing anything. I hope your situation gets better.

I'm considering buying this, does it scratch easily of have problems? Has it held up well with spills? I'm not worried about about the hives, I imagine you are allergic to something and that's not the manufacturers fault. If I bought milk and broke out in hives because I'm allergic to it I wouldn't expect the store to refund me. If it's not because of an allergy they should do something but I haven't seen anyone else have this problem.

Hi Krisit, It does scratch easily. We had some water spills here and there but as it is vinyl it doesn't get affected. It does smell a bit plastic every time we cleaned it with Luke water. Also hired professional inspection services company that also found high VOC and formaldehyde levels.

I disagree with your milk and allergy comment. Costco with their great customer service and return policy refunded our money. I've researched and even called the vendor MadeWell to find out that they import the flooring from China. I also checked the 3rd party company that issued their certification and found out their certification procedure is very basic.

They clearly did their VoC level testing within room temperature F degree Temperatures in South California easily get over 85 F during summer. I installed this flooring in my living room, dining room and two bedrooms thinking it would be more durable than regular wood laminate. The manufacturer claims it is scratch resistant, but we found out the hard way that it's not. We installed felt pads on all our furniture and still ended up with scratches everywhere.

When I contacted Costco they told me "No problem, just bring it back in and we will give you a full refund". I contacted the vendor Not-So WellMade and they told me that the 30 year warranty doesn't cover scratches.

I would rip it out and start over just to spite them but I don't have the time. I was hoping to get more than one year out of the floor before replacing it. In the meantime we bought some new rugs to hide the damage. I'm sorry to hear about your awful experience with it in your home.

The 30 year warranty probably doesn't cover scratches because I'm sure the manufacturer considers scratches as part of wear and tear as opposed to being defective even though it appears that it scratches rather easily.

At least Costco is willing to refund your money even if it's a hassle and not very practical to have to return it. I am installing this product in my home now. So far, installation has been fairly easy I'm a diy'er. No issues with odors or scratches. So far, I am pleased with the product. And with no problems either which makes it all the more better!

Worst vinyl I've ever purchased. When my electrician pulled the new stove out to install the cord, it scratched the floor very bad. I checked to make sure leveler was correct to make sure nothing was on it looked like a screw mark but there was nothing. I've never seen a GE leg leveler scratch so bad. Tenants moved in and before they were done, its basically ruined from just normal wear and tear but it only took 2 days!! Lawsuit aims to block Trump 'short-term' health plans Patient advocates sue to block Trump administration's 'short-term' health insurance plans.

FDA plans meeting to discuss safety data on breast implants U. Zimbabwe's government criticized over cholera outbreak Zimbabwe's government criticized over cholera outbreak that has killed 25, spread from capital. Some Bob Evans sausage links recalled, may contain plastic The Agriculture Department says Bob Evans Farms is recalling nearly 47, pounds of pork sausage links because they might contain pieces of plastic.

No progress as US, Cuba meet on mysterious 'health attacks' Cuba said Thursday the United States is continuing to withhold important information that could help in the investigation into mysterious incidents Funds for Florida health insurance helpers cut by millions The Trump administration has slashed funding for the second year in a row for counselors who help consumers sign up for health insurance through the Long-term effects of ADHD?

Study links disorder to Parkinson's, but don't be alarmed It's the first study to relate the conditions, but it doesn't prove causality.

Inside the effort to protect the elderly Perhaps no other population is as vulnerable during a hurricane as older adults. Genetically modified mosquitoes could eradicate malaria Since only female mosquitoes bite and transmit malaria, these lab-grown sterile male insects will not be able to multiply or spread the disease.

Amazing advancements against cancer, but not everyone benefits More people have cancer than ever before, but because of advancements in treatment, those people are living longer.

Dozens of high fever deaths cause panic in northern India Health authorities are rushing medical supplies to northern towns and villages. FDA calls e-cigarettes 'an epidemic' among minors The use of e-cigarettes has become an "epidemic" among children, according to the U.

Food and Drug Administration. How to navigate the fertility apps, wearables that promise to help you get pregnant There are more than apps on the market for women tracking fertility. Nevada prisons drug buyer knew firms opposed execution use Nevada's prisons pharmacy chief says she ordered and obtained lethal injection drugs this year despite knowing drug manufacturers didn't want their FDA calls e-cigarettes 'an epidemic' among minors, cracks down on retailers The agency issued fines against retailers selling the e-cigs to minors.

Lab test may identify dangerous gene mutations, study finds Scientists say a lab test may help determine whether specific genetic abnormalities are likely to make people sick. Doctor to the stars disciplined over use of controversial menopause therapy This story is from Kaiser Health News.

Calling teen vaping 'epidemic,' officials weigh flavor ban The U. Food and Drug Administration says teenage use of e-cigarettes has reached "epidemic" levels in the U. Cholera outbreak in Zimbabwe's capital escalates; 21 dead Zimbabwe's police ban "public gatherings" in Harare in effort to curb cholera outbreak that has killed 21 people.

How one mother changed an organ transplant policy to save her daughter's life Five years ago, Sarah Murnaghan's case gained national attention. Supplier error got Nevada its execution drugs Nevada's prisons chief says more than drug companies refused to supply drugs for use in an execution. For teens, trans boys are more likely to attempt suicide than others: Study They reported at least one suicide attempt in the last year, the study found. Milk does a body good: Study Consuming dairy products also lowered rates of cardiovascular disease.

Semi-automatic rifles more deadly New research shows active shooters with semi-automatic rifles wound and kill twice as many people as those using non-automatic weapons. Unwitting patients, copycat comments play hidden role in federal rule-making This story is from Kaiser Health News. A proposal to sharply cut a drug discount program that many hospitals rely on drew some 1, comments when the Many California marijuana products failing safety tests Tests for potency and purity have been required since July.

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