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Satanic Ritual Abuse: It’s Real, But It Can Be Healed
A Sketch-Tron [37] fan site shows all appearances he made on the show. Hi Kathy-I hope you are well. I will probably be lazy and use a top-stitching seam around the pillow to close up the end after stuffing. Shortly after Avery's return, Jack discovers that Avery has fallen in love with another detained reporter, and the couple spontaneously divorce at the altar while trying to renew their vows in the last episode of season 6. This will be such a wonderful way for me to help others, and carry on their legacy of always helping others in need. I machine stitch mine!

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Modern Women: Women Artists at The Museum of Modern Art

Her experience spans organisational development, mergers and acquisitions, transformation and change management, human resources, corporate strategy and policy. In the last 10 years he has also worked on over 50 CDD engagements. Magnus is a multi-lingual consultant who works across multiple sectors, including business services, construction, and industrials.

Fluent in Swedish and French, he was previously employed at a macroeconomic consultancy working with buy-side clients and has earlier experience in the primary research industry. Mark Lyons is a highly experienced, multilingual, qualitative research specialist, able to conduct interviews with CXO and other senior level respondents in six languages. He has a proven ability to master highly complex and technical subject matter quickly.

He has deployed his B2B fieldwork skills in over 60 different countries, covering topics from eCommerce to E. His core capability is to understand project objectives, is motivated by his own curiosity and treats each interview as an opportunity to engage with the respondent, provide key answers and keep the door open for further exchanges.

He first started working with Armstrong in and has helped complete some 35 projects across a range of industrial sectors - and continents - and has developed a specialisation in the events and technology sectors.

Nick is a technology sales Specialist. His most recent roles have been focused on software development, testing and application management, giving him an excellent insight into the challenges and rewards of defining, developing and introducing new technologies and establishing new routes to market.

Pete has strong CDD experience, having joined Armstrong back in , not long after the company was founded. He previously worked in senior marketing roles for niche SME businesses across a variety of sectors, including toy manufacturing, the leisure and travel industries.

During his time with Armstrong, Pete has worked as a consultant on a wide range of CDD and market analysis projects.

Peter is an experienced consultant, specialising in big data analytics and market assessment. His background is in investment banking quantitative analytics, gained from stints in London, NYC and Paris.

He is based in Manchester. Richard has worked as a diligence and corporate finance adviser to clients in local government, education, healthcare and financial sectors. Rob has worked on a wide variety of projects since joining Armstrong; encompassing the investment industry and financial markets, IT, waste management, oil and gas sectors, among others. Most of his career was spent in investment banking, initially as an equity analyst then moving into equity sales and trading and latterly specializing in emerging electronic trading technologies.

Prior to joining Armstrong, he consulted in the fund management industry and in business development across multiple sectors. We are always open to approaches from energetic, dedicated individuals who are motivated by delivering great work as part of a high performing team. Armstrong is founded on independence, integrity and clear commercial advice History Armstrong was founded to deliver investors and management teams alike with refreshingly conclusive Commercial Due Diligence based on deep understanding of a business and its marketplace.

As owner-managers, we understand that the business lives or dies by our credibility. They were able to understand the business drivers and scale of opportunity, then communicate this effectively. We have subsequently worked with the team to refine our strategy and on other areas of tactical development. We value their ability to spot additional opportunities in a new concept, and identify what the difficulties are going to be when launching a new show.

That gives our operational teams the chance to develop solutions before they have even happened. Armstrong supports the acquisition of technology executive search and recruiter Henderson Scott by Search Consultancy Group, an H2 Equity Partners portfolio company September 12, Armstrong looks into Cooke Optics July 27, For more information, please contact one of the senior team below. When she tells him that she loves him, something she has never done to anyone, Criss responds by quoting Han Solo 's response to Princess Leia , "I know," thereby proving his suitability to the Star Wars -obsessed Liz.

Jack sets up Liz on a "blind date" with Kevin, a man Jack actually hates, but his true purpose is to introduce Liz to Kevin's "awesome" Lemon-esque young daughter Bebe Wood. After realizing that having children might be a good thing, Criss and Liz subsequently "put a pin" in this idea and decide to "just have some fun". Still, Criss is insecure in their relationship, believing that Liz might eventually bail on him. Unfortunately he sells the van to "a really nice young guy on meth", who later steals money from a bank.

Liz sees what she thinks is still Criss' van on a TV news report on the robbery, and thinking that Criss stole the money, tells him she will go to prison in his place.

Criss considers this a sign that Liz will not bail on him, and later in the episode, when Liz observes that the room Criss is renovating will make a great nursery, they both realize that they are ready to try for a baby, whether biological or adopted. As of Season 7, he and Liz are actively trying to have a child. Liz's unusual libido starts to make things a bit difficult, but they eventually find what works for them both.

After a failed pregnancy test, Liz and Criss decide to get married in order to make an adoption process easier. Liz and Criss eventually adopt a pair of elementary-school aged twins, Janet and Terry who are highly reminiscent of Tracy and Jenna. Criss briefly goes to work as a dental receptionist, but discovers he much prefers being a stay-at-home father. The following characters have at some point during the show been Jack's girlfriend, wife or fiancée.

Bianca Isabella Rossellini is Jack's first wife. Jack's mother disliked her from the beginning and their marriage was troubled. Bianca was introduced in season one, episode twelve. She is engaged to Vincent Foley, and in episode 13 her divorce with Jack was finalized although they were legally separated since Jack mentioned that she was too much of a woman for him, which is why they divorced. A point of contention in their divorce was an Arby's restaurant outside of Telluride, Colorado.

Jack also insisted on keeping the box they had trained their dog to poop in. Bianca tolerated most of Jack's affairs but is jealous of women who can actually make Jack happy, going so far as to violently attack Liz when she pretended to be Jack's fiancée.

Condoleezza Rice portrayed by herself was one of Jack's shorter-lived relationships. Their relationship and eventual break-up was alluded to in the episode " The Break-Up ". Among their disagreements concerned her lack of time for him during her tenure as Secretary of State [24] and whether or not Jack was as talented a flautist as Condoleezza is as a pianist.

Phoebe Emily Mortimer is an art dealer and auctioneer, who works at the Christie's branch in Rockefeller Center. She reintroduces herself to Liz each time they meet, and asserts that her parents were poets. She accepts, stunning Liz. When Liz finds Phoebe holding hands with an older man, Phoebe tells her that he is a former lover. Liz tells her that either she will tell Jack the truth or Liz will; while arguing with Liz, Phoebe drops her English accent and reveals herself as an American.

When Liz tells Jack he refuses to believe her, having been warned by Phoebe that Liz was making things up about her. When Jack's mother Colleen appears in " Hiatus ", she instantly dislikes Phoebe. When Colleen visits Jack in the hospital, she discovers that Jack's heart rate monitor functions as a polygraph , and takes advantage of this discovery by asking Jack a series of personal questions. Phoebe catches on and asks Jack if he loves her. He claims that he does, but the machine indicates he is lying.

Phoebe slinks away in defeat; their wedding was subsequently canceled. She meets Jack at a cocktail party honoring Robert Novak , and the two end up sleeping together. Soon after, Jack discovers her identity and the fact that she is trying to sue NBC's fictitious parent company, Sheinhardt Wig, for dumping Auburn Fantasy Dye into the Chickatagua River which turned the children of Chickatagua orange. Despite Jack and C. She returns in " Cooter ", approving the development of a gay bomb ; this gets Jack fired from his position in Washington, so he can return to 30 Rock and repays a favor she owed him.

Elisa Pedrera Salma Hayek is a Puerto Rican nurse , who is deeply religious and places a high value on family. She was introduced as a love interest for Jack in season three, when she cared for Colleen who had injured both hips.

While nursing Colleen, Elisa begins a romantic relationship with Jack. She also cares for another patient: Colleen hates Elisa and Jack's relationship; he accuses her of hating every woman with whom he has ever been involved. Elisa's grandmother initially dislikes Jack because he resembles an actor playing a villain on her favorite telenovela ; she becomes fond of him after Jack has NBC purchase the rights to the show, and changes his doppelgänger's part to appeal to elderly women.

In "Larry King", Jack proposes to Elisa. She accepts, informing him that she is going to Puerto Rico and promising to call him. When she returns, Elisa and Jack begin planning their wedding; however, it is revealed that Elisa is notorious among Puerto Ricans for killing her husband after she discovered he was cheating on her. She flies into a homicidal rage when she believes Jack and Liz are having an affair; after being dissuaded she calms down, agreeing with Jack to cancel the wedding and end the relationship because she cannot control her jealousy.

At some point thereafter, while back home in Puerto Rico, Elisa is incarcerated. She is married with two sons, though it is clear her marriage is unfulfilling. She and Jack were in the same German class where Jack was called "Klaus" and Nancy "Greta" ; Nancy's voice-mail code stands for "Klaus", indicating that Nancy has feelings for him. By the time Nancy decides to divorce her husband, Jack is already involved with Avery.

He dates both women, unable to decide. Nancy meets Avery and finds out she is pregnant, which Nancy tells Jack before leaving. She begins their relationship after a one-night stand during season four, after Jack is convinced that Nancy will never leave her husband. He dates both simultaneously, and later chooses Avery over Nancy after being told by Nancy that Avery is pregnant. They attempt to marry during season five, between " Christmas Attack Zone " and " Mrs.

Donaghy "; however, due to a language-based mishap, Jack is accidentally married to Liz the matter is resolved offscreen. Gordon Liddy and Jack's martial-arts instructor, Li Di. However, things do not go well; she is detained in North Korea by Kim Jong-il , and forced to participate in the spread of North Korean Propaganda by reporting news of the free world being conquered by North Korea.

Despite Jack's attempts to get her back including getting help from his ex, Condoleezza Rice she is stranded in Korea and forcibly married to Kim Jong-un.

Jack has a hard time dealing with her absence, as well as his intense feelings for her mother, Diana. Shortly after Avery's return, Jack discovers that Avery has fallen in love with another detained reporter, and the couple spontaneously divorce at the altar while trying to renew their vows in the last episode of season 6. Like Liz, he grew up in White Haven, Pennsylvania , where he still lives.

Outwardly supportive of Liz, Dick secretly disagrees with, and is embarrassed by, many of her decisions. Born circa , [29] she "repeatedly lost her virginity" at or about the age of 15 [30] to the love of her life, Buzz Aldrin whom she called "Ed" because there were already five "Buzzes" in Montclair , while Waldo the town perv watched from the bushes. After she graduated from secretary school and Ed was joining the astronaut program in , he asked her to marry him, but Margaret had just started a job with Sterling Cooper and did not feel she could just pick up and leave, being an "old maid" of Accordingly, she later settled for Dick Lemon and bore him two children: Mitch Lemon and Elizabeth M.

She still believes computers to be the size of rooms. She attempts to disabuse Liz of the belief in a "Mr. Right" and encourages her to settle as she did. Aldrin, meanwhile, is grateful to not have put Margaret through his years of alcoholism and depression.

In addition to their genders, races, and names, their personalities are immediately revealed to be nearly identical to those of, respectively, Tracy and Jenna.

Upon meeting them at the airport, Liz muses happily that gaining miniature versions of her two 'problem children' just as TGS is cancelled "seems about right" and she embraces the pair. As an adult in the early 22nd century , she develops a sitcom based on those stories, which she pitches to NBC's receptive and strangely immortal and ageless president, Kenneth Parcell, while flying cars zoom through the sky past his office window.

Kenneth only addresses her as "Ms. The sequence is an homage to St. Elsewhere ' s famous closing scene - complete with a model of the series' namesake building within a snow globe stared at by a mentally challenged male - and implies that the series 30 Rock had been a period piece of Eliza's creation in the distant future, as St.

Elsewhere had all been a daydream in Tommy Westphall 's autistic imagination. He is a female-impersonator most often dressed as Jenna who often refers to himself as a "she-man" or "shman. They began a relationship characterized by many unconventional sexual practices. Paul takes Jenna's first and last names. A domineering, bombastic person, she is demanding of her husband financially and sexually.

It is revealed in " The Ones " that Tracy has actually never cheated on his wife, and that his supposed "affairs" are all for show. Donaghy ", Angie stars in her own Bravo reality series , Queen of Jordan which figured prominently during the rest of season five, due to Tracy Morgan's medical leave. For her initial appearance in " Jack the Writer " a non-speaking cameo appearance , she was played by Sharon Wilkins.

In all subsequent episodes beginning with " Up All Night " , she is portrayed by Sherri Shepherd and has a more substantial role. Donaghy ", " Queen of Jordan ", " Queen of Jordan 2: Mystery of the Phantom Pooper ". Colleen Donaghy née Murphy Elaine Stritch is Jack's overbearing, demanding mother who lives in a Florida retirement home.

According to Jack, the Murphy family are "a bunch of mud farmers and sheep rapists ". Colleen first appeared in season 1, episode 21; she is critical of Jack's abilities, and hesitant to show him affection. In season 3, episode 20, Colleen reveals that her ex-husband Jim Donaghy left her in and returned in Jack was conceived in during Colleen's affair with Milton Greene. Colleen has nagged Jack his whole life, [33] even blaming him for John F. Kennedy 's death [34] and for his father leaving.

When Jack's collie, Pop, was accidentally run over by the postman, Colleen left him to die in the street. She even tried to send Jack to Vietnam when he was 12 years old in order to make a man out of him. Colleen embarrassed him by having him play " The Star-Spangled Banner " on his flute in front of his hockey team. Colleen's cold and stern demeanor is contrasted by her behavior at Christmas. After Jim abandoned the family, Colleen would acquire mountains of toys for her children each Christmas, despite the family's poverty, by in exchange for providing sexual favors to the [fictional] Frederick August Otto Schwarz, III.

Unaware of the transaction, Jack resented his mother hosting Mr. Schwartz and her infidelity toward his father. Colleen additionally gave her children unique Christmas traditions and fables that Jack assumed were standard holiday practice, such as Mrs.

Claus hanging the children's stockings. He is in his 50s when Liz Lemon causes him to realize the truth and gain a new appreciation and love for his mother and her holiday practices. Despite rarely having a good thing to say about anyone, Colleen takes an instant liking to Liz, mistaking her for Jack's actual fiancée, Phoebe. When he tells her that it isn't Liz whom he was marrying, Colleen's response is "Why the hell not?

Although fond of Liz, Colleen nevertheless delights in manipulating the Lemons into a resentment-fueled argument between them. Colleen dies of a heart attack in " My Whole Life Is Thunder " during a visit to New York to spend time with Jack, attempting to guilt him and seemingly depriving him of her approval literally up to her last breath. Her last words to Jack are "I just want you to be happy," which Jack hears as "I just want you to be 'happy'" and takes as sarcasm and "one last twist of the knife.

Jack is sent into a tailspin by the revelation that his mother actually wanted him to be happy, which leads to him re-evaluating his life and career in the finale. Milton Greene Alan Alda is Jack's biological father.

Milton rented a room from Colleen Donaghy in the Boston suburb of Sadchester in , during one of Jimmy Donaghy's numerous abandonments of his family. The two soon engaged in coitus and, unbeknownst to Milton, conceived Jack Donaghy.

A half-century later, Milton is a liberal history professor at Vermont 's Bennington College. In the interim, Milton had married and sired a son whom he and the child's mother refused to name, opining that children should chose their own names; Spider-Man Greene is Jack's unsuspecting half-brother.

He and Lenny Wozniak narrow his possible fathers down to three men whom Jack lures to Manhattan under false pretences in " Mamma Mia ". Milton is overjoyed and announces that he is in need of a kidney to survive.

Milton's liberalism is exaggerated as a foil to Jack's conservative politics. He is kind, enthusiastic, and supportive of Jack. Thompson is the combative son of Tracy and Angie Jordan. Mystery of the Phantom Pooper " and " Aunt Phatso vs. Jack Donaghy " Virginia.

Verna Maroney Jan Hooks is Jenna's mother. A quintessential stage mother , she spent Jenna's childhood forcing her to perform in beauty pagents and talent shows, and is responsible for Jenna's need for the spotlight and for many of her neuroses. Verna became the last live-action role Hooks played before she passed away. Diana shares many qualities with her daughter, which makes Jack instantly attracted to her. Sylvia is a stereotypical Italian-American mother, extremely loving towards her son, but also incredibly overbearing.

Sylvia is also an incredible cook. He is a quack who practices questionable medicine, such as giving a "medical professional's seal of approval" to a defective "meat machine," and as such is legally required to put quotation marks around his title.

He wrote a bestselling book, The Cigarette Diet , and found shocking medical abnormalities during Desert Storm which his boss refused to report to his superior, Saddam Hussein.

At one time Spaceman dated Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme , whom he described as "difficult". Leo has been portrayed as a classic "quack", doing and saying very weird things. For instance, when Jack Donaghy visits him for a checkup in " Hiatus ," Spaceman instructs Jack to cough several times while seeming to examine him below the frame implying a hernia inspection , but afterward says, "Okay, let's start the examination.

Leo is the son of Dr. Spaceman left Germany for a new life in the United States. In the s, he was a television spokesman for Chatterton cigarettes, promoting their tar and nicotine to expectant mothers, as being necessary for their babies' skeletal development. In addition to his Nazi past, he was a notorious paedophile. Lenny Wosniak Steve Buscemi is a private investigator occasionally hired by Jack. He first appears in the second-season episode "The Collection", where while spying on Jack to determine if he has any skeletons in his closet which could prevent him from being named the new CEO of General Electric he discovers Jack has a large collection of homemade cookie jars.

Jack also hires him in the third season to obtain personal information about a man his mother was seeing, and later the true identity of his father.

In " The Tuxedo Begins ", Jack hires him after he is mugged. During his investigations, Wosniak will occasionally don a disguise as he sees fit. He claims he was once "part of a special task force of very young-looking cops who infiltrated high schools," in a reference to 21 Jump Street. While attempting to infiltrate the pages union by seducing Kenneth, Wosniak affixes a blond wig in order to assume the persona of the "nympho-coed Charlene LaRue"- the attempt ultimately fails as Kenneth was "impervious" to Mrs.

In " Game Over " Lenny goes undercover at Kaylee Hooper's high school as a female drama teacher, Jan Foster, discovers that he prefers being Jan to being Lenny, and gets engaged to a female math teacher. Feline Groovy until Tracy abruptly quits and causes the production to be shut down. His career ruined, Shawn is forced to move back into his parents' home. Jack twice hires Shawn to direct films he executive produces and which star Jenna Maroney.

The first is the Phil Rosenthal -penned family-friendly horror-torture soft-core porn film, Take My Hand promoting Stamford , Connecticut. The Avery Jessup Story, brought to you with limited interruptions by Pride bladder control pads. She initially intends to reject Liz at the conclusion of her evaluation visit to Liz's workplace, many of the interviews of Liz's co-workers having reflected badly upon Liz or the safety of the studio for a child.

Before Bev files her report, however, she sustains a head injury and forgets that she has conducted the evaluation. Liz gets the crew to help her "do over" the evaluation, hoping for a better result. Although Liz's marriage to Criss was calculated to increase her chance at adopting, Bev explains that there remains a four-year waiting list for newborns and tries to convince Liz to adopt an older child.

Liz eventually agrees after realising that years of dealing with her "problem children" Tracy and Jenna have proven her parenting skills. Bev subsequently convinces Liz to accept twins rather than a single child and schedules their arrival for a few short days later. She gets the date wrong, however, and informs Criss that Terry and Janet are flying in that afternoon. Cooter Burger Matthew Broderick is a government employee and political lobbyist.

He first met Jack in the declining Bush administration where together they worked to get fired by developing a "Gay Bomb". Years later, Cooter works as a Republican political lobbyist and tries to persuade Jack to have TGS make more sketches about Mitt Romney 's fictional new running mate, Governor Dunston. Simon Barrons Josh Fadem is Liz's young, meek, enfeebled, low-level talent agent , who usually dresses in a comically oversized suit.

He mostly represents animals bragging at one point about how one of his clients inspired a character on the show The Wonder Pets and proves to be completely useless in helping Liz plan for her post- TGS career.

Liz eventually and rightly fires him, and his efforts to get re-hired are unsuccessful, as are his efforts to finally pass the New York bar exam. Donald Michael Benjamin Washington is an entrepreneur who pretends to be Tracy Jordan's son despite being two years older than Tracy. His money-making ideas consist of questionable business practices, such as picking out corporate names already in use a frozen-yogurt and microbrewery restaurant called Microsoft , and a phone service for nationwide air-quality updates called American Airlines.

Tracy knows Donald is not his son; he supports his misguided ideas anyway, and Jack who had convinced Tracy to cut Donald off later tells Tracy to keep being a dad.

Donald opens a karate dojo named for Tracy, but the business fails. He also tries to solicit Jack for an investment in a new restaurant. Lynn Onkman Susan Sarandon is Frank's girlfriend and former high school teacher.

Lynn seduced Frank when he was 14 years old and they became lovers. Lynn was eventually arrested and sent to jail. Lynn was released years later and reunited with Frank on an episode of Angie's reality show " Queen of Jordan ". Lynn and Frank broke up after an argument in which Lynn said that Frank still hadn't grown up, however, Lynn and Frank made up and continued their relationship. It is at the quilters now. This is without a doubt the most enjoyable quilt I have ever made.

It went together like a dream. The directions were straight forward and so easy to follow. I made it queen size by adding borders. Thank you Amy for such a wonderful quilt. Amy thanks for such a fun quilt to put together. I to needed it to be bigger and added boarder which really framed the quilt center so beautifully. Create some more patterns like it I!

I made this and gifted it to my daughter for Christmas!! It is a simple, beautiful pattern, and the fabric is just lovely! I will definitely made another one…maybe for myself!! Where can Triple Barn Star pattern be purchased? Your email address will not be published. Comments I LOVe it!! This quilt is so fresh and fun. Such a gorgeous pattern! I want to make it as soon as I can: Your quilt is so pretty and fresh.

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