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Sweet Potato Almond Butter Muffins

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The East Lansing, Mich. So, that just makes it even more difficult. What elise is saying is right on target! Only complaint is that they stuck to the liners in a major way: The drink is made by mixing one scoop with 6 to 8 ounces of water or milk. Chou is known in Asia mainly for his rap music and is a favorite among teenagers.

Sweet Potato Almond Butter Muffins

Is it okay to use all-purpose flour or fine whole wheat flour instead of the whole wheat pastry flour? Just made these- they are heaven! I baked at for 20 minutes…. I bake almost all muffins at higher temp- but I watch closely will definatley be in heavy fall baking rotation! First I made the attached recipe for the almond butter.

I microwaved the sweet potatoes, then placed the potatoes in the ninja, added water and spun until they were pureed.. I could not get the batter into 9 muffins — using an old fashioned type muffin pan — my batter would fill When I took the muffins out of the oven they looked very dark on the top.

Perhaps using almond milk would have made a big difference. Oops, I realize now. The wet ingreds were supposed to be added to the bowl the flax egg was started in. I randomly came across your website while searching for a good sweet potato muffin recipe and am intrigued. Kind of bland, but not bad. I just made these, they were pretty good. I used a regular egg, omitted the cinnamon, and used salted cashew butter instead of almond butter.

The texture is very fragile, I will try adding another egg next time and decreasing the almond milk. Sending my readers your way for great recipes! They were delicious and everyone enjoyed them. Thank you so much. Thanks for the recipe. I modified a little and just wanted to let you know these are great with Pumpkin Puree! Would it still work if I substitute the flour for gluten free flours?

I really enjoy your recipes. Made these yesterday with a few changes, as I am cutting sugar. Also added raisins and some leftover toasted coconut to the top. They had a lovely bread pudding consistency. Thanks for another great idea! I made a batch of these as mini muffins today for my toddler with a few changes I made them non-vegan, cut the sugar in half and omitted the salt and they turned out amazing! Super moist and delicious. Thanks for the recipe! I just got the muffins out of the oven and WOW!

I had everything but the flax seed so I used a real egg, but my almond butter had flax seed in it who knew? You really know your proportions. The sweetness of the potato evens everything out. I finally found someone whose recipes I trust. Whenever I visit your instagram page I cannot stop searching for recipes, everything looks so yummy and perfect.

However, when I see a recipe for vegan muffins or cake I always try to see the texture from the inside so I know what to expect from the recipe so I will really appreciate it if you include an inside photo of the dish?.

Made these yesterday and they are amazing!! I made a few modifications to fit my whole-foods plant based diet. I subbed applesauce for the oil and only topped with half a teaspoon of almond butter!

Love these so much, they are perfectly sweet and delicious! I made these with some minor substations maple syrup for brown sugar and regular egg for flax egg. They are perfect with some berry jam and an afternoon coffee.

You can substitute quinoa flour for up to about half the regular flour. I made these with a real egg and melted coconut oil. And I just blended a bunch of quick oats to use as oat flour.

They turned out so good, I made them twice. Very satisfying for a quick breakfast, or as a snack. I seriously loved the almond butter center. Dana, have you tried using a nut-free butter, such as sunflower butter?

Do you think that would be a good substitution for almond butter? If you give it a try, let us know how it went! Could the muffins be made GF if rice flour is used or will they crumble? Also would adding carrot as well as sweet pots change the sweetness at all? I used a chicken egg instead of the flax egg and otherwise followed this exactly. They are SO yummy with the melty almond butter center.

I made these today with my toddler and they are so good! My toddler has already gobbled up 2 and is asking for more lol. I swapped maple syrup in for the brown sugar and reduced the milk to balance for extra liquid , used peanut butter as we had no almond in the house. These were super easy and wonderful! Had some extra batter so I poured that into a mini loaf pan and had another version of it as well!

I added some chocolate chips to half the batch , and some pumpkin pie seasoning! This was the first baked goods recipe that I made after going vegan. They come out so moist with just the right amount of sweet! The next time I made the recipe I left off the almond butter to cut down on the fat and they still tasted wonderful.

Working out with a trainer. Working out on your own is one thing, but it always helps when you have someone who gets paid by you to yell at you to keep going while you quietly sob in the middle of a squat. Here is a guide to 10 celebrity fitness overlords and personal trainers to note in no particular order , and whether or not their regimens are civilian-proof.

What she's known for: Workouts range from 15 minute workouts, to 3 hours. In an interview with Harper's , Bowers has a pretty sane take on eating healthy, emphasizing that starving yourself is -- surprise!!!!! She suggests plenty of fresh fruit, vegetables, and cutting out most things with white flower; she also suggests pairing carb-heavy foods, like burgers, with salads, instead of fries. With dressing on the side, DUH. Can your survive her regimen: What he's known for: Peterson is the self-described "most sought after personal trainer" in the US ok!

Responsible for the aforementioned curves belonging to Kim and JLo and he's also trained Sofia Vergara, famous professional athletes, and most recently, Khloe Kardashian.. Can you survive on Peterson's regimen: But it helps if you're wealthy, don't have a job, student loans, debt, general discontentment, and other mortal anxieties. Kirsch's approach to fitness is body type-specific, paired with strict, holistic nutrition.

Being " the butt guy ," training Kate Upton, and Thermo Bubbles metabolism boosts. Kirsch has his 5-year-old daughters on gluten-free diets. Gelband owns ModelFit , the boutique fitness studio in Manhattan. Being the"supermodel trainer" and focusing on cardio-based toning, which means cycling for shapely bums, 30 minute jogging intervals, pilates, yoga, and kickboxing.

No sugar, booze, and only carbs like brown rice, vegetables, Ezekiel breads -- Gelband suggests consuming them only twice a week. I have never had any weight issues, and im still a size 8, my plan was to just become really tight and toned — and body has done this. I feel really strong now! The music is great and the instructors I have are fanastic! Love it — dont know where i was before i found body pump! Machines at the gym for girls — nah!

Unless you want to look like a body builder or go that for a living I think BP and free weights are the way for toned, athletic figure. Also the best to get in shape fast! Hey, I think BP is an amazing class that can be used to customise your fitness plan-whatever that may be.

By doing BP once a week and 2 heavy weight sessions with eating properly and healthily I now weigh 72kgs and look so much healthier! The whole point of my story is that BP can be used to help you gain your fitness goal, weight loss or gain- as long as you are eating accordingly, bit of trial and error! I go to body pump once a week and a few other high energy classes.

I have noticed a huge difference in my muscle definition since I first started. If I go through a track and feel ok at the end I increase the weight the following week until it feels good again. I challenge myself every week and it has paid of big time. All of the instructors at the gym I go to care about their clients. They make sure everyone challenges to get results, no slacking off. Well, seems I am one of only a few who agree completely with what Elise said in her original article.

I like to mix it up with running, Body Combat, spinning and lifting heavy weights in the gym. The number of times I do BP each week varies and factors such as time pressures and motivation play a part it is sometimes much easier to motivate myself to go to a BP class than to take myself around the gym to lift heavy weights!

Hands down, without a doubt, I notice my biggest strength gains when I am doing more heavy lifting than I am BP. This increase in strength and muscle tone! Much faster than any strength gains I may notice from BP. I think it is really important to mix up your training program. In fact, a PT told me as much. Treat BP as a repetive motion exercise similar to swimming.

I do think that it does some good if responsibly performed, such as range of motion, joint lubrication, lymphatic aid ie. I do think that BP tends to overemphasize compound overhead lifting movements that can injure very easily, especially if there is any instability. The rotator cuff is a fragile thing. Its a money making industry. I think the general rule is: Although it does not build strength very much, it does train your endurance level.

Understanding correct form and standing beside the mirror actually does help a lot. Doing different things actually helps your body become more functional. I also do CxWorx for core training, a cross-training class, some yoga, and started running again a few months ago for the first time in years. I knew BodyPump had made me strong—and fit—but I could barely believe it when I ran a mile in 7 minutes the first time I stepped on a treadmill in a decade.

I have noticed that I am getting so much stronger, and very quick. I could barely dumbbell press the 45lb dumb bells.

This class is so incredible for everyone. Girls can gain strength, guys can get big. If a girl wants a fine ass then this is the class for her! Any woman in there that has been attending class for long enough to be in shape has definitely benefited from the lower body portions of this class.

My instructors are awesome and they will focus on single people out who need to change. Nothing in the gym can you do on your own to get that much effectiveness in a 55 minute class. Hi Jason, that instructor sounds terrific! Wish I had an instructor like this at my gym. I am a true ectomorph and am toned by just breathing, however putting on muscle mass is different. There are many components to that but primarily: This is not just me but the entire science of hyperteophy speaking.

By low reps i mean keeping all movements to 4 -8 depending on body part. Ectos should pay particular attention to squats and deadlifts. Progress is slow but progress is progress. I will never be huge but i am ripped and larger than i could ever hope to be by doing a large number of reps.

What elise is saying is right on target! I am looking at loosing belly fat — courtesy of 2 kids. Hi Arao, yes, Body Pump is a very good idea in your case. Can you please tell me why some people throw their weights down after every track. I always thought we should increase the weights as we get stronger, but we also need to be able to do all the reps.

My Body Pump instructor is awesome. She has recognized my upper body strength and my poor lower body form and weakness and has me doing squats and lunges with body weight only, keeps an eye on my form and is very encouraging as I work to complete a full routine in proper form for lunges and squats using simply body weight. At the same time she has encouraged me to ramp up the weights when doing upper body routines as I have progressed.

My individual opinion is group exercise contributes to encouragement, helps with commitment to an exercise program and Body Pump is challenging and works.

Sure you can stimulate hypertrophy through very high volume with lower weights. However it is vastly less efficient than higher weights with less volume. See someone like Jason Blaha at Icecreamfitness for a proper breakdown from someone who is deeply into the literature. Unless you are operating in this range every time you hit class, the chances are your getting no significant hypertrophy. What you may mean is losing fat whilst retaining muscle.

However you build nothing. A class like this with very high volume and low weights is principally aimed at fat burning, cardio and muscle endurance. Look at long distance runners, they perform exactly such workouts: However they do become: Noob gains are bound to play a part in the success of any fresh participants, and of course you will see some strength and size gains. If strength and size gains were a signficant element of the benefits of such classes, you should see continual gains in both for years, plateaus allowing.

Thanks Will for your elaborated comment! I have been doing body pump for over 5 years, and I absolutely love it! The istructors vary greatly from class to class. Some seem to come in just to have a work-out of their own rather than to help the gym members. Whereas others hardly do any exercise and walk around helping people out. Although I have only come across very few instructors who encourage people to take heavier weights.

Which is a shame as people are much more capable at lifting heavier weights than they think they are! I find the weak link as others have expressed is instructor input the class is movement and timing critical.

Since many folks, particularly certain groups of women, are motivated with upbeat music in a class format, I implemented this program with the hopes of drawing in consistent participants. And while we succeeded in doing so, the long term results were not so positive from my perspective.

There is no study anywhere that supports the idea that doing weighted bicep curls for 4 mins as this author mentioned continuously or any other muscle group for that matter, increases functional strength in a muscle. Additionally, I found along with many of the other instructors that began 4 years ago the workouts to be boring after awhile, there was simply not enough variation in the choregraphy from one release to the next.

I guess we did well in succeeding to keep this to ourselves because most of the members continued participating. Even with all of that I do have to say that no one ever got injured in my class… well, except for ME! Regardless, I did enjoy teaching mostly for those few years, but to say I recommend it? I have to completely disagree.

I started weight training over ten years ago before I knew about BP. I use to lift heavy because I worked out with men. Then in I had my daughter and I was unable to work out for a few years. I fell in love with working out all over again! I have now been doing body pump for over 2 years now and I also do other Les Mills classes such as Bodyattack and bodycombat. I have never been so fit in my entire life!

Because of BP I can run fast and for long distances, ployometric lunges and jumps are a piece of cake, and I can do more push-ups then some men half my age. I was afraid that doing all those squats and lunges with heavy weights would make my already big legs bigger, but instead they became lean and my butt looks like two coconuts as my husband would put it. They care about there students and always keeping watch on everyone including me.

I have a teacher Kelly who uses sarcasm as motivation along with being sarcastic and funny with her students. Body Pump was the key to my fat loss. I have lost 20 pounds in the last 9 months. I was way out of shape 45 yr old. I joined a Gym 3 months ago, started Inner Strenth a week.

Then I started shrinking fast! I still do either Zumba or Body Combat 1xweek. All together I work out an average of times a month. I drink water, hot teas, unsweet tea,carrot juice, and sometimes Vi shakes. I love the Body Pump. Here are my quick thoughts from a trainers view: If something works for you; continue doing it and reassess results often.

No results mean you have to change something. Pump is a program with proven-researched results and if it works; continue it. Have just returned from a new BP class have been doing BP for over 15 years. No teaching points, just eyebrows to direct the class.! No introduction was new to class. He had a good time. This copy what I do is ridiculous — we are supposed to be teachers, not the Pied Piper.

Agree with you Sue! Instructors basically have to be cueing non-stop if they really want to keep every participant safe and in sync. I even have the special mix tapes created for the US launch.

I plan my classes, with each track having a specific technique focus and repeated that same drill in each Pump class I taught that week. I strained them doing power lunges and since then any type of lunge hurts. I really try and concentrate on proper form e.

Hi Jo, try to make sure your shoulders and hips are aligned and even. This illustration might help. I went to classes at the local gym for 6 years but then moved to a very rural area with no gym facilities. I find if I dont do it, because of my age I lose muscle strength quickly if I dont exercise so I have incentive to lift regularly.

I do now have a knee problem but do squats instead of lunges and find strengthening my thigh muscles helps tremendously in supporting my knee! I do have quite weak shoulders but they have greatly improved since doing BP. Was a great introduction to weight training. It was brand new at the gym I attended and they were great about having 1 instructor up front, and 3 roaming to be sure we had proper form and weight. The gym I attend has group power similar to body pump.

I do that once a week and another toning class once a week. Water aerobics and spinning for cardio. I am so thankful that body pump as a brand new program was my first experience with weights. Hi I always was a fan of Body Pump. When I did the course 8 years ago they explained how and why they made the format like this and it made sense.

I also am a fitness professional for 22 years and a choreographer. Now, you find big moves in slow music, which feels wrong. They let you jump up and down the step as if it is an aerobic class, I gave options to do squats instead. We have only 55minute classes, so, why not do less legs and be in time to also give corrections and explanations?

Our gym is an all inclusive gym, we encourage people with a disability to join our classes. Chest and triceps seems to be not so important to stretch in BP89 anymore while you do work them throughout the class. They forget that even them when doing the video need at least 59 minutes to teach this to us instructors, who do not need much explanations or corrections. It is even more frustrating that you cannot go anywhere with this issue. Everyone who does any ETM or fitness course learns that this is very important to have in place.

I hope someone will inform LessMills choreographers to be so professional so you can cater for all abilities. Fitpro who sells their workouts is always too late with sending out the new releases even though you order them way in time. It is too expensive for a lot of instructors and it is not even sung by original artist if you use the original version you have to pay not only your PPL licence but on top of that another 1 pound 25??!!

It is not easy to make a bit of money teaching classes nowadays. Do they need to throw them on the floor? How come in the biceps they tell you to bring your bar to the shoulders?? If your elbows need to stay stationary below the shoulders you cannot make the shoulders unless you are a monkey. The instructors on the dvd often have bad technique themselves. Swinging in Bicep curls, lifting of back in chest press etc. I wish I could teach them myself, I mean, the so called Master Instructors who think they know it all because they work for LM.

Wow after reading your blog post I had to respond. Seriously, my body looks amazing. The trick is, to increase the weight after a time. Once your body adjusts to the weights it kind of defeates the purpose.

I warm up with 7. At any rate, I know they say that everything is not for everybody. It just bothers me that your blog can be discouraging to those that never tried bodypump. I enjoy pushing myself. Four minutes of biceps? I would be cool if they doubled it. One of the problems that I see often is that people coming in for the first time go way to heavy. As as result, they injure themselves or never come back.

Another problem is that people who have been going regularly are afraid to increase their weights. Look, if you have a ton of injuries then this is definitely not the class for you.

Would you encourage someone with injuries to do an Insanity class? I just have to say most of the negative complaints on here I believe are from either an experience with a bad instructor or just not challenging yourself.

Lifting weights allows you to shed almost pure fat by replacing it with muscle. I have been doing body pump for about six months now. At first, I was doing almost all cardio and got almost no results. The instructor for my class is so great. It is always packed, yet she finds time to help every one out. She goes all over the floor. She shows some people that need modifications how to modify the exercise. I have had her come up and hold my arms closer together while doing triceps or push me forward just a little when doing push-ups.

I am now starting with 10 kg on warmup, 22 kg for squats, 20 kg for back, 10 kg for chest, and 7 kg for biceps and lunges. I so want to go up on biceps and lunges, but by the time we get there, my muscles are a little shaky.

I have honestly seen better results from adding in one more weight class than I ever have doing pure cardio. I still throw in a Zumba and spin, but just one more class, I have been dropping the weight, and losing inches and inches. It all depends upon how hard you want to push yourself.

Any ideas on how I can start training my knees to go out instead of in on my lunges and squats. I walk on the side of my feet and pigeon toed. So, that just makes it even more difficult. The purpose of a lunge is not to have your feet aligned on the same line. Both feet should be on two different parallel lines, with enough width between these lines. My teachers are wonderful.

I had a teacher by the name of Dora and between the two of them I learned alot. When you have teachers that care enough about you and your classmates, witch in this case my teacher Jackie looks at me and my classmates as her other family. I have been integrating body pump into my routine for last 6 months and really like it.

I am 51 and am very fit. After talking and working with my teacher Jackie last week, she recommended not using weights for the lunge track for a couple of weeks or so, does anybody have an opinion on that?

My range of motion, core stability and balance is slacking. I would love to hear opionons on what I said. You could also try to work on your balance and core stability by doing planks, easy one-leg exercises or tring a yoga class. I did weight lifting for 12 years and most recently boot camp for 3. I have ventured into Bodypump for 2 months and I really enjoy it. I also agree that if you want more mass this is not something that you should do in search for that but I now have triceps AND biceps for the first time ever.

I do wish they concentrated a bit more on abs, but that is just my personal choice after having a trainer that insisted on hundreds of core exercises each session. Hi, I am 33 years old. I have been doing body pump 3 times a week for more than 4 years and I really enjoy it.

Unfortunately, thin capillaries wall in my leg and thigh have been torn. Doctor told me not to stand or sit for long hours. However, I was wondering whether lifting heavy weight in squat increase the capillaries tearing or not? BP is killing you please stop it has no functional benefit for you. Lifting weights is fine but with your condition I would suggest that you find other ways to do functional training with weight, for example ViPR training.

Hope this helps you. There are three things I hate about bp. These things are not up for debate — just observed truths for me. Cults do what they do. No control over that. There seems to be an unfounded belief that this is the only to put energy into the class. This is pure crap. I wear ear plugs which also helps with 1, by the way. This volume CAN be changed — the fact that it rarely is may have something to do with 3. I prefer adult relationships — no haranguing necessary — I am a very motivated adult by just being in class.

These truths of mine are bolstered by having been in body pump classes that are moderate volume and led by mature any age , confident instructors — what a blessing they are! My whole body is much more at peace and whole and thriving when the music and microphone are at moderate levels and the instructor adopts an adult to adult relationship.

I believe this approach builds bodies that are more ready to take on the one life given to them. Your body for everyday life does not move in a linear fashion but rather a functional 3 dimensional one. I am sure if you tried doing a ViPR class that is scientifically safe and functional that you would get a lot more benefit out of it. You comments about the things that you hate are accurate and can be controlled if the instructor cares enough to listen to you … but 9 out of 10 times these people have no idea what they are doing….

I can agree with most guys here! D Les Mills defnitely help me get in shape especially my legs and chest I can see an increases chest size too. It helps me to do more than what I think and the feeling afterwards is great! Yes we are all teaching the same chorey as that is what Les Mills is about, that no matter who is teaching the class you are guaranteed a good, safe workout. It is not up to the instructor how much weight a person puts on their bar, we are not their personal trainers.

We make recommendations as to what the weight factor should be for beginners, regulars and so on. If someone chooses to use a 1kg on either side of their bar, we can suggest a weight but by no means can we tell them to change it!

All we can do is recommend, give advise, inspire and deliver a top notch program.. I can not tell you how many times I have corrected people in form, suggested this or that only to have them continue doing what they have always done…I cringe when I look out into my classes and see people doing things wrong, and though I try to help and suggest…ultimately it is thier choice..

Music and mic volume are usually an instructor choice, but sometimes that is out of our hands.. If that is such an issue it can be addressed. I googled BP in the process of getting feedback from various sights for an article I am writing as I am Group fitness Manager at 2 gyms..

Glad to read the positive feedback from many people on here, sad to see the negativity towards the program as well as instructors.. I love BP I do agree that teachers have to watch out for there students. One of my teachers recommended to me not to use weights on the lunge track. She encourages us to push ourselves but preaches safety at the same time.

I am 44 years old and have been doing BP off and on for a number of years spanning several states. I absolutely see a difference in my muscle mass. I try to do BP about 2x-3x a week but because of my work travel schedule many times I am doing just 1 BP session a week.