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Garcinia Slim is said to have its own detoxification properties because of the green tea extracts. June 9, at 4: It is not carcinogenic, say German researchers. The provided content on this site should serve, at most, as a companion to a professional consult. The transfer of blood on cutting machines may explain hepatitis C transmission between deli workers.

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Its not just diet coke or diet sodas. I drink one, maybe two diet drinks a day but in the morning, I drink about cups of coffee that each cup gets a little sweet n low in which contains aspartame. There have been many published reports warning about the dangers of aspartame. My aunt died from breast cancer and her oncologists said her addiction to one of the major diet drinks most likely caused her breast cancer.

Since reading the the article, I have quit sweet n low and diet drinks. I drink water now. The withdrawal sucks but its only temporary. I have constant queeziness, and sometimes full blown nausea daily. I feel bloated all of the time now, with stomach pain. If I eat anything fried or high in spices, I get extremely nauseas and sick within 30 minutes. I am meserable at 61 years old. At times, I wonder how much longer I can survive like this. I am also extremely fatigued, have trouble breathing, and frequently feel constant bubbling and bowell sounds coming from my abdomen.

Diet Coke has been a mainstay on my diet for many years. I, like others I have read about, suffer from horrible migraines averaging 10 or more a month , very severe Restless Leg Syndrome, knee pain and I have developed a bad skin condition due to very dry skin.

Also, I had bad sinus trouble and would always cough pflem yuck-sorry. I have other symptons as well, but chalk some of them up to my age I decided to cut DC out of my life about 6 weeks ago. I am now hoping my dry skin condition will improve. And it only took about 3 days of craving before I completely forgot about the stuff!

No more colas for me — of any kind! I am a diet coke addict. Lately, it was up to min. Yesterday, I switched to regular sugar in my coffee, and had 2 diet cokes. My question is will drinking regular coke eliminate the aspartime problems? I am not interested in drinking more than 2 a day calories.

I just quit Diet coke almost yesterday. I did slip and downed a half warm can one of my kids left on the table. I have been drinking DC for 15 years. I would drink about ten cans a day on average.

I rarely drank water except for some short lived periods through the last 15 years. I am 68 days clean and sober from meth and any other drug that I might get offered. I do have dry hair, dry skin, mysterious itching in legs and feet at bed time. My dry skin has improved dramatically since I quit the meth. My sanity is also returning.

So I have come to realize I was using DC like a drug. I am hoping it is to blame for my stuborn belly fat and I am suspiicious it was sabatoging my dieting. I believe DC is harmless in moderation like most legal and approved sunstances.

I look forward to losing weight now, possibly looking less wrinkled and whatever good comes from not being dehydrated. I will not say that I am addicted to diet coke but I always feel fresh and filled when I drink dc but after reading all these comments about knee and elbows pain, feeling lazy all day long, yawning and other feelings like that as I am also have all these feelings so now I will try to quit dc for good.

Consumption of diet coke is equivalent to regular coke. Stimulants in the diet drinks make people eat more and have sporadic negative health conditions of which the fatigue and overeating take the first place. After I quit drinking diet coke I started to feel like I could wrap my head around daily tasks.

Diet drinks stimulate the brain in a negative way which causes grand scale distraction from focus factors. I know quitting diet coke cold turkey might be a challenging thing but the benefits of giving up on it made my life better than it used to be. I really do not think there is an alternative to diet coke or diet dr peppers etc.. The best and the only alternative I can tally is pure water. I simply recommend everyone drinking just water. Coffee is also a great reason for obesity and one cup of coffee has triple more stimulants than a diet coke.

So quitting diet coke and loading up on coffee is an extreme mistake ever to be made. I quit drinking coffee and diet coke and i feel way better than how i used to be. Jazzie, you have just described everything that I go thru, I just quit my DC addiction 17 days ago and already my knees feel better, I feel more calm.

I hope my foggy brain and light sensitivity go away!!. I do not want to drink another soda of any kind as long as I live!. The addiction is very real and with so few options out there for anything other than high fructose beverages or Diet drinks that contain poison, Im gonna learn to just Choose water. Good luck to all who have made the life changing decision to stop.

My boyfriend crank diet soda for 20 years, every single day. He experienced stomach pains in the morning along with many other symptoms.

I recently 5 months ago quit my vice too: Which, surprisingly, after speaking with my boyfriend I realize has a lot of the same withdraw symptoms. Mine were obviously more emotional, but that just goes to show you soda is no laughing matter. I do not know how I ever got in the horrid habit of drinking no fluids except DC but for 10 years I drank very little water and a lot of diet coke.

I knew I was dehydrated but I was set it my ways. Anyhow, I feel like my body is still recovering from the damage but I already feel quite a lot better. Migraines, dry skin, high cholesterol, stubborn belly fat, severe acute chronic fatigue, insomnia, chronic sleep disruption, day time yawning constantly , over all poor sense of wellbeing, acid reflux and heartburn, shortness of breath, joint pain especially in knees and elbows, I am quite young and used to be super fit.

After DC I would climb the 6 flights of stairs to my condo and be completely out of breath!!! Even worse, I had no energy or will in me left to workout. All I ever felt like doing was laying on the sofa watching tv! In no way do I believe all of my issues are caused by diet coke, now I am sure my problems began there and then had a chain reaction and the health dominos began to fall.

How do I know diet coke is to blame? Already my blood labs have improved a bit, I have more energy, I have no signs of diabetes, I have lost 6 pound, my sex drive has resurfaced, I already feel 8 years younger! I quite seriously will never touch DC again, though I do still suffer withdrawals thus craving the vile liquid chemical concoction called Diet Coke. I have recently quit Diet Coke, well its only been two and one half days.

I decided to stop because of the aspertame. I hope all of the improved health effects kick in soon. I never thought of this as an addiction, untill I stopped that is. I started drinking diet coke at 40 and have drank it for 20 yrs and I found out on the Dr Phip show that it was good for Schizophrenia and nerologic factors of mental illness. I was drinking about 1 litre of Diet Coke a day most days. Recently I started to get this feeling of extreme fatigue and having read some of the comments I cut out diet coke completely.

I drank 1 cup of coffee a day to avoid too harsh caffeine withdrawals. I realise that a litre was a lot but even so I did not think that stopping would be so dramatic!!!

Hi Mike, My brother has been hooked on coke for years, but since being diagnosed as diabetic he has for the last 2 years plus been hooked on diet coke. How do we help him, when he refuses to admit he has a problem? After reading all the comments and what side effects Aspartame can have on some people I now want to quit drinking diet drinks. I drink it because regular soda bloats my stomach and I also get stomach aches. Mail will not be published required. Celestial Aura Theme by dkszone.

My Diet Coke Addiction Continued.. My Diet Coke Addiction Busted!! Diet Coke Side Effects! July 29, at 4: March 29, at January 17, at January 10, at September 25, at 8: June 1, at May 10, at 2: February 12, at 1: September 22, at 9: July 30, at 7: June 12, at 7: May 14, at 1: March 5, at November 28, at 7: September 29, at 5: March 22, at February 6, at 8: February 5, at 2: February 2, at December 25, at November 22, at 1: November 19, at 8: September 28, at September 8, at 4: July 19, at June 26, at June 5, at 2: May 14, at 6: April 30, at 3: February 26, at February 9, at 3: February 8, at 7: February 1, at 1: Eat your eggs and workout.

It will make it happen for you. I am doubtful that whey protein is the kind of protein that effect people with gout. I would get gout, at times, if I ate food with purines and or if I drank a lot of alcohol. I eat whey protein and do not get gout flareups. I understand that whey protein does not contain purines which I understand are difficult for defective kidneys to breakdown and therefore uric acid is produced which gets caught in joints and crystalizes in to sharp glass like crystals cutting up the joints and causing inflammation.

Encounter problems with my skin abscess boils occuring on my skin as soon as i stopped taking protein shake abscess were drain So i want any experienced one,s to suggest me what could i do..!! The gout condition is usually associated with excess of purines within the particular diet.

Thus in many cases the gout condition could be controlled by the diet with the minimal or zero amount of purines. In such cases the whey protein is safe as the source of purine free protein. You are so right on that. Whey protein can not cause gout. Our cells needs to eat protein to live or to multifly. Imagine If people starts drinking protein shakes. Nobody will buy those junk foods anymore made by these big foods industries. Whey protein does not give side effects at all. Its a complete food and if you excercise a lot then you need to eat them.

High blood pressure High cholesterol. I started work in out iam 60 was always into fitness. I had gout a while back. Hi Jacob, you can checkout this article: I like to mix and then let get cold.. I am allergic to it and thought i had gout for a year. Beware — whey is fine for some but will hurt and damage joints for others. I am a skinny guy…. How much Spoon of power i have to take Per day…. Whey can cause inflammatory response in s ome people.

Lupuz…whey…is a no,… no. Bone protein is easy to make…beef bones in a crock pot for two days…reset…reset time on high.

Bones disappear and broth is a heal component. This is all shit. Whey protein is very low on purines,gout is because of hight purine content in body. It depends on the quality of protein which you are using. I bought whey protein from roboustdiet. Your email address will not be published. Joseph How often do I hve to take whay protain to gain and build strong muscles?

May 30, at Bill There is no factual evidence that whey really increases muscle mass. June 4, at Orayt just have a firm faith and trust in your God.

August 9, at 1: September 11, at 5: Bob Magann I am doubtful that whey protein is the kind of protein that effect people with gout. August 9, at 5: November 29, at Jalal khan Assalamwalekum, r u tellin truth bhaijan ,protien is not good for health n all April 24, at 7: January 21, at 4: Ben You are so right on that.

March 31, at Angelina Does whey protein help in building a bigger ass and flat tummy? August 29, at 2: Ben Whey protein does not give side effects at all. March 31, at 7: Bembu Hi Jeff, would you mind providing what you feel is accurate?

March 31, at 8:

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