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How do you determine the percentage of calories of the protein vs. Or is it supposed to be 3 cups of spinach plus 1 carrot equals 2 veggie servings like at end of protein shake recipe? As for including your kids in carb cycling, they can eat what you eat, but make sure they have a protein, fat, AND carb with every meal. I'm trying to eat healthy as well as work out 3 days a week. And if so, how do you recommend its preparation? I have a couple of questions:

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Or are they rounding up and down for easy math? Is there a way to get an alert when a question has been answered via email?

I figured that was what the email box was for. And Chris and Heidi use general information when they put together the food lists for their books, but the true numbers can be a bit different depending on which specific item you choose. You guys are doing awesome! What are some on the go snack options or brands of granola? Go for low-fat, low-sugar granolas. Other than that, choose the ones you like the best!

What do you find is easiest for you and your family? As for including your kids in carb cycling, they can eat what you eat, but make sure they have a protein, fat, AND carb with every meal. Thurs and sometime Saturdays are my boxing training class.

Thank you much and hope to hear from you soon. I started the Turbo Cycle 2 weeks ago and am down 4. Should you expect to lose some kind of weight on the scale each week? I made the mistake of stepping on the scale this morning after I had already eaten breakfast and saw that I was up 2 lbs from last weeks weigh in. What are the general weekly weight loss expectations when doing this kind of diet? I was wondering, i read on your book choose to lose that after every three weeks you should do one week where everyday is high carb.

Is the every fourth week from the very start or you only should do the full week of high carb if you have hit a plateau? I implemented the strategies outline in the week just over a week ago. I am not someone who is extremely over weight and my goal although really big to me, is to lose less than 10 pounds. I do however wish to maintain wellness and fitness well into my senior years and had been seeking a method for which was sustainable for me.

I travel VERY frequently for work days a week and find it hard at times to adhere to really strict programs that require a regimented plan of cooking your own meals. I hope to find more solutions as I progress in knowledge and understanding of carb cycling and would love any advice you can give me. I currently prepare breakfasts and snacks to take on the road with me to minimize the high calorie impact eating out usually consists of.

I read a couple articles on your site that are very helpful in identifying restaurants that offer meals that comply with carb cycling. Do you have any other tips to add. Welcome to carb cycling! And congrats on losing 2. I am prone to migraines which are normally controlled but each day so far I have had multiple headaches and am on my second migraine.

Is this common when moving from processed sugar and foods to this program? And if they continue, you might want to chat with your healthcare team and then follow any recommendations they might have. I finish training at 9. I watched Chris show so many times and it was awesome! I have been trying to figure out a macro ratio for me to follow.

I am very sensitive to carbs and feel better the protein I eat. I have been weight lifting times a week. I love it but nothing has changed other than I realized that I gain muscle very fast lol.

Can you recommend a ratio for me to follow or a link to give me an idea? Or which Carb cycle would be best for me to follow. I know when I have done Atkins before I felt so sick! I am going whole and clean for the most part withy Jyms Pre and post workout powders!

If you want more information on macros, including a link to an awesome macros calculator, please check out this post: And please discuss any nutrition and exercise program with your healthcare team first and then follow their recommendations. There are several vegan options for proteins for carb cycling including soy protein sources such as tofu and tempeh and other vegetarian protein options such as hemp, bean, and pea protein, so you should be good to go!

And good luck in the DietBet game! Yes, that is correct. Can you tell me when I should eat and what? My workout is Mon-Thurs Hiit fit at 5 am and random weight lifting and some cardio on weekends. I cannot eat 30 mins after waking. What do you recommend? You can get some great ideas on how to schedule our meals in this post: For low carb meals could you do a protein bar such as quest, mission one or oh yeah one bars? Hi so how do the workouts relate to the program do i do cardio on high carb days or lifting on low carb days is there a particular way to work out.

There is a strength and cardio workout for each of the carb cycles, and you can learn more about them in this post: But I need protein powder. What is the best powder to purchase? What should the breakdown be of protein, carbs, etc? I workout from home every day, 3 busy kids and run an at home business and Shakeo is SO convenient!

I train days per week and fairly fit but just would like to lean out a little more. However to make my life easier and to be sure to stick to the plan, I was wondering if I can repeat meals through out the week.

That way I can prep less food, but more of it, to last for the specific meal during the week. I want to start the carb cycling. I am a runner and run 6 days a week and weight train 3 to 4 days a week.

My problem would be that I do not eat meat. I will eat Chicken maybe 2 times a month and Fish maybe once a week. Do you have any advice for protein on low carb days. I drink smoothies everyday with plant based protein. I would like to lose 15 to 20 lbs and its been a struggle since I have turned Thanks for your help. Here are a couple of posts that might help: Hi there — I have dug through several of your posts and even through the comments sections to see if my question has already been addressed.

I like to eat something prior to the key workouts intervals, tempo, long runs and I know carbs are essential for post-workout recovery. My question is kind of multi-layered, but here it goes! In addition, if we have meals that meet or are very similar in macros to those on the plan, can we sub those out for more variety? In general, here are the macro percentages for the Fit Cycle: But again, these are very general percentages. Good luck on your competition! First off, love love love this article!!!

Second, I am just about to compete in a bikini competition this Saturday and I have been implementing carb cycling throughout my entire prep.

This last week I only have 1 LOW carb day the day before the show and my show day will involve carbs in the morning. My question is, I want to slowly find my maintenance calories while still doing carb cycling. Should I slowly reverse my cycle so that I can get back to a normal amount of food?

I am so depleted right now that I am stuck on how to gradually bring myself back up to more amounts of carbs. And good luck on your competition! I started the Turbo Carb Cycling program about a month and a half ago. I was actually wondering if it matters which days I kickbox?

I tend to do it a few times a week and I am about to start carb cycling so I was wondering if I should focus on doing it on low carb days or high carb days?

Up to an hour of cardio is figured into the program Monday-Friday, so you should be okay to kickbox on any day. If you find that this is difficult, you can kickbox on high carb days. Is it safe to consume 2 cups of broccoli at each meal on low carb days? I currently eat 8 cups a day 2 cups per meal not counting breakfast on low carb days during the turbo cycle. Am i doing anything wrong?

Broccoli is an awesome veggie, and 2 cups at one meal is totally okay. However, it is important to eat other veggies also, so you might choose to eat different ones for different meals. I came across this carb cycling program and macro-patterning. What is the difference between the two? How long can you safely stay on either of these programs? Carb cycling is alternating between low and high carb days. Macro tracking involves tracking the proteins, carbs, and fats you eat daily.

You can do both at the same time, and both can be followed for life! Why did the carb cycling change so much? And remember, you can change cycles at any time! I have been looking into carb cycling for sometime now, I have tried programs such as the 21 DayFix and quite enjoyed it, but looking for something new.

My biggest question is that my day starts at 5: Your meal plans all clearly state to start with breakfast within 30 mins of waking, but I cannot eat before I go or I feel nauseous.

I usually have a banana or an egg frittata muffin, something small and then when I come home I have shake consisting of skim milk, peanut butter, banana and protein powder.

Can you let me know if this okay, or what should I do. Also what is you opinion on energy powders for for before, during after a workout for ex BCAA aminocore?

I had been carb cycling for a few weeks when I happened across a few days straight where I was unable to control my meal choices camping retreat. I am just about to start carb cycling. My question is what protein powder do you recommend for the shakes? I have lupus so I try to use a powder that is as clean as possible. In general, Chris and Heidi recommend low-fat, low-carb powders with around 20 grams of protein per serving. My husband and I are starting the classic cycle, inspired by reading Choose more, lose more.

New to carb cycling we want to follow the sample weeks at first. Week 3 and 4 are readable. Is it possible to get these sample weeks anywhere? We wish you both the best on the Classic Cycle — you can do this! I am 53, going through menopause and seeking to lose 10 pounds. I have done the classic and turbo cycles and lost only 1 pound on each. I exercise times per week doing both cardio cycling and strength training classes.

I only recently started gaining weight which I believe is due to menopause. Is your recommendation for calories on low carb days and calories on high carb days next exercise? It can be more difficult to lose weight during menopause, and the weight can come off more slowly. You might want to try the new Extreme Cycle, which recommends about calories each day.

You might also discuss carb cycling with your healthcare team and see if they have any helpful modifications to suggest. And the calorie recommendations for all cycles are formulated with the exercise recommendations in mind. You lose weight through a calorie deficit — burning more calories than you consume. You might also want to check out the new Extreme Cycle and see if that might help: Cycling is a good source of cardio, but after a while, choosing the same exercise will stall your progress.

I would look more towards challenging yourself with free weights if possible. Strength classes are a good start, but you may need to up your weight and change up how you train. I purchased the Extreme Transformation and am excited to get started. I lost pounds in a year eating healthy and starting to exercise, then in January I hit a plateau.

I am hopeful that this will be the ticket. I have a couple of questions: I have had my RMR tested and know for my body what the calorie range for weight loss is, which is a little higher than the you suggest for women, should I go with the or the from my RMR test? Thanks in advance for your suggestions. Congratulations on losing lbs! Thank you for your explanation on how to break through a plateau. At age 43 I was having difficulty for about two weeks, not losing any weight.

So I kept up on my calorie count, making sure I ate enough. Though I did not understand it, I did a slingshot week of carbs and additional meal. Altered my workout a little… By the end of the week, BAM! I lost 5 lbs. Maybe a silly question but the only think I can find for sugar free syrup is like coffee flavorings.. I am never hungry and learning some awesome recipes with healthy foods! I am curious what I am allowed to drink on the extreme cycle.

Obviously water is unlimited but what about coffee? Welcome to the Extreme Cycle! You have black coffee or tea, but be sure to only use 0 calorie sweeteners. I am looking for a printable of the Day Tracking sheet from my book…Appendix A. The book pages are tiny and I want to duplicate but they are set up two a day…I want it larger so I can make notes as I track my progress.

Just starting program Monday with a friend…very excited and hopeful! And welcome to carb cycling — you can do this! Hello, i have lost 50lbs doing Whole30 and working out. I have added something back, make overall healthy choice, i still have an occasional treat. I am looking to add muscle now and tone the rest. I am a little nervous about carb cycling.. And this post might help also: I have been reading your blog post on Macro eat and carb cycling. Already being an avid user of MyfitnessPal this peaked my interest.

I do have a question- Is Carb cycling and Macro eating two different eating lifestyles or do they go hand and hand?

My Macro calcualtions differ from you Classic cycling Macros given for women above. How do I know how many told macros I get per day on low and high carb days for the Classic Cycling? Carb cycling takes macro counting to a new level, and you count macros in carb cycling. Easy, Classic, Fit, and Turbo Cycles: I love all your blogs!

Two quick questions, based on weight, what is the basic calculation for High and Low days for Carbs, Protein and Fats? And do you count total carbs or net carbs? On the Extreme Cycle, women eat around calories a day, and men eat around calories a day. For the other four cycles, women eat calories on low carb days and calories on high carb days, and men eat calories on low carb days and calories on high carb days.

Here are the macro percentage breakdowns for all of the carb cycles: And we count total carbs. If I can not exercise for a few days on the extreme cycle due to surgery, should I lower my daily calorie intake? You should be okay leaving your calories the same for a few days. Your body does need good, healthy calories to heal, and we hope you recover quickly! I actually train 3x a week weights and cardio.

I am currently 67kgs. This weight had been unchanged for a year but I am much happier with my shape and have quite a lot of muscle mass. I note in the book the recommendation for females is Currently I track macros and have tried weaning up to kcals And also down to You might want to try the new Extreme Cycle, which recommends around calories a day for women: The ones I can find either have 15 carbs 5 fat etc.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Hi, I am new to all this. Just wondering if the reward day allows to eat anything all day, or is it just for one meal? For your reward day, you can eat anything you want up to an extra 1, calories for that day.

With every episode of Extreme Weight Loss I get more inspired to lead a healthier lifestyle! I have lost 44 pounds so far by making better decisions about food and switching to drinking just water, but I still have 67 pounds to go to make my goal weight.

Any input would be greatly appreciated and which Cycle to start with would help as well! Congratulations on losing 44 pounds! Hello I just purchased choose more, lose more for life. Are there any actual meal plans that I can follow to help me visually understand this? I have lost over lbs over the course of three diets. All moderate carb of g. However, now at 33 years of age, I am trying to lose again! I am positive that I have messed up my metabolism from the first diet at Sitting at KCal a day.

Second at the same, and third at the same as well. I was under eating! I have tried LCHF this past time Did not finish due to the restrictions placed onto the diet , and lost 20Lbs in a week. Obviously water, but there was something moving on the scales. I was bloated the whole time. I have forgotten how long it takes for the bloat to go away, I think it is 2 weeks?

But nevertheless, I felt extremely uneasy in body, as if I was doing nothing to try and sort myself out. I see that you do a carb cycling program. Is there a reason as to why it s not solely a LCHF diet? I sit due to the fact that the body would be more satisfied n the food choices? I have also been a massive fan of your show, and have always wondered what the contestants eat throughout the program.

I know that the competition show that is on the TV for years, they tend to starve the contestants, and when they go ack to their everyday lives, they blow back up to their regular sizes, and more. This is exactly what happened to me. Any advice in getting my body back to burning the calories that it should? Thank you ever so much!

I am a father of a 5 year old, and I seriously just want to be the best dad I can be while he is still young and is forming memories.

Hi, I have 2 questions. For my LC days, I was having low fat greek yogurt and pineapple. I just want to check in and make sure I am on the right plan… any advice you have would be awesome!

Time to start keeping those promises! So, on a whim, I bought the extreme carb cycling book late on Sunday evening, headed to the grocery and then started Monday morning. Now that I have had time to sit and read your blog a bit more, I just want to make sure that I am on the optimal plan to achieve my goals. I currently weigh and would like to get back to somewhere in the low s, really as quickly as possible. My question is how do I figure out my calories for my low and high carb days??

It depends on which cycle you follow. Everything is figured out for you in all 5 cycles, and you can learn about each one by following the links in this post. I am 26 year old guy who has struggled alot with weight and muscles. So which cycle would you prefer for me and is their any additional suggestion would you suggest me?? I would recommend the Extreme Cycle: Hi Heidi, I am intrigued by the concept of carb cycling. I am not sure which cycle would be best for me. I have been running in 5ks, but I feel that my weight is inhibiting my progress.

Which cycle should I do? I have a 4 month old baby and I am still strictly breastfeeding. Will carb cycling be good for me? Will it mess with my milk supply at all? Thanks for your help! Congratulations on your new baby girl!

My goal is to lose lbs in total. The recommendations in the book should work, but since you are working out more than what is recommended yay for you! I am just starting out with the turbo carb cycling and I have a question. I like having yogurt and kashi cereal to start my day. Is it a problem then to have yogurt again later in the day, like adding it to a protein powder? Nonfat plain Greek yogurt is considered a protein in carb cycling, so it could potentially be the protein portion of any meal.

Very happy about that! So if I wanted to make a smoothy with both a whey powder a protein source with less 4 g of carbs and add nf plain greek yogurt to it, another protein source how would I proportion all that protein to equal a fist full? You can use part of a portion of protein powder and part of a portion of Greek yogurt so that combined they equal a serving of protein around 20 grams.

Hi Heidi do you have any recommendations for travelling? Are protein bars like mission one or quest good options? Here are a couple of post that can give you some great tips for traveling: Have an awesome trip! I only eat whole, plant based foods and no dairy or processed oils or fats. Did you find carb cycling options for your plant based diet? If you could point me in the direction of some actual recipes that would be awesome!

You can substitute most any plant-based protein source for any meat-based protein source in most of the recipes. Some options are soy protein sources such as tofu and tempeh and other vegetarian protein options such as hemp, bean, and pea protein.

Hi, I was wondering if there was a certain amount of carbs I should stay within with the high and low carb days? Here are the recommended macro percentages for all of the carb cycles: Easy, Classic, Turbo, or Fit Cycles: Or there are some helpful graphics in both of these posts: I workout early in the morning and preferably do fasted cardio as I feel that burns more fat but seeing as carb cycling says we should Eat breakfast within 30 minutes of waking what do I do??

You can do whatever works best for you as far as eating and working out go. So if you like to work out before eating, go for it! I have lost a few inches, and I do know the scale actually means very little in the scheme of things, my muscle definition is much better, but I still have fat to lose.

Currently I follow a plan of macro counting and carb bracketing, eating carbs around my morning workouts. I weight train 4x per week and spin times per week depending on class schedules , and walk nearly everyday. Instead of eating carbs only in the morning each day, will it help me to do a plan like this where my macros are changing on alternate days? I do spin classes fasted, and have zero problem with energy. Thanks very much, love the books and all that Heidi and Chris do and looking forward to trying this.

Congratulations on losing 70 pounds! You can use whichever cycle you think will work best for you, and you can change cycles at any time! The main thing is to eat the extra calories on that day. Hello Heidi, I am planning to start your carb cycling plan but have a couple of questions. First, I know you and your books say that it is important to eat within 30 minutes of waking.

My problem is that I wake at 4am to go to work. I am just wondering if it would make a big difference if meals were 4 hours apart or if I could snack on veggies or something in between to extend the time — only because I do like to eat with my kids at least in the evening! Also, I see you suggest protein shakes but I have difficulty tolerating protein powders.

I generally make wraps or pita pizzas on whole grain. However, I always added a little shredded cheese on each of these. Ham can be eaten as a protein, but look for low-fat, low-sodium versions. You can also eat seafood, Greek yogurt, protein powders, and cottage cheese as protein sources. Thanks for any help. And for low carb meals, just make sure your carbs are less than 30 calories for each low carb meal. I do have a question, however.

I think I understand that I should eliminate fats during the high carb days. If that is the case, does that mean I eliminate fats during the entire sling shot week? For the Extreme Cycle, you will still eat your fat for breakfast, just like on any other high carb day. I am on day 5 and so far so good! I have more energy, I have been in a better mood, and I am already seeing a difference in my belly bloat!

Do I still follow the 5 structured meal times and just add a few extra calories here or there or is the day also less structured? I feel like I have done a lot of great work so far, so I am really nervous about cheating. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated! This can be common as your body is getting used to a new way of doing things, and it should get better.

I am not sure if anyone already posted this question, but I was planning on doing the turbo cycling. This will be my first cycle that I actually understand lol. However one question I do have is, I know my macro count on a normal basis. But when I cycle… How do I meet my macro count on low and high days? And how do I calculate the total amount for low and high days? Right now I am on a lower carb higher far due to breast feeding.

Lol I have 3 little boys and two of them are 14 months apart. Just unsure how to calculate? Now, I know that is a skewed number as much of it is water weight and all, but I am so stoked and excited to keep going. This is my first one and none of my previous go-to foods sound good. Thank you so much for your reply to my earlier question. I have another area of concern you could assist me with! How do you determine the percentage of calories of the protein vs.

When I read the labels I find the number of calories from fat specified along with then total number of calories. I assume there is a way to calculate calories per gram for the protein and carbohydrates, but am at a loss as to how to do that. Also, when dietary fiber is included in the carbs, is there yet another adjustment that needs to be calculated? For protein shakes, Chris and Heidi recommend low-fat, low-carb shakes with around 20 grams of protein per serving. And we go by the total carb count of a food, which makes things much easier.

Im finding low carb days extremely hard! Could I add a protein portion or a fat to help me? Sometimes it just takes your body a bit of time to adjust to a new way of doing things, and remember, you can have veggies with every meal, which can really help. Will there be a Carb Cycling recipe book in the hopefully near future? Keep up the awesomeness!! Trying to find a good balance in caloric intake to fuel my running and nursing but low enough to lose weight.

And good luck on your marathon! I have both books.. I was wondering what cycle you would suggest to do out of all your cycles to lose the last pounds! Your carb cycling plans really appeal to me and I appreciate the open communication I find here on your web sites.

In selecting a carb cycling plan, should age be a consideration? I am a young at heart 69 year old who is about 70 lbs. My overall health is good — no need for prescriptions yea! I simply need to get busy on a plan to lose weight safely.

These carb cycles can work for any age! First off I want to say Thank you. Extreme Transformation and carb cycling has done more than just allowed me to lose weight. I started carb cycling in March and was really really successful for 3 month then fell off the wagon, broke promises left right and center. So I make silent promises again, and of course breaking them. I reread the book and learn a few more skills especially Lesson 10 and Letting go of things is hard for me, and definitely acknowledging any successes I have.

So the idea of I should have done better regardless of how well I did, is hard wired. I have been successful and even hit my goal weight, but then said, I could do better and added another 10 pounds to my goal. Keep your body supplied with the ingredients so you can keep adding that mass and achieve your goals!

Instant Energy Whether you're an endurance athlete or someone who leads a busy lifestyle, having enough energy to get through the day can be a challenge. Fortunately you can keep your internal battery charged with our energy protein bars. Energy protein bars are quick, portable, and light on the stomach.

As opposed to pure energy bars, energy protein bars have the added benefit of containing protein, which makes the bar more well-rounded and complete, allowing you to use carbs, calories, and protein for your high energy requirements. Energy protein bars also support a slow blood sugar response, meaning they are designed to provide steady energy levels. Low-Carb Convenience If you're currently on a fat loss diet, a protein bar might seem like it is outside of your diet regimen.

Most people think protein bars always contain too many calories and carbohydrates. In actuality, there are plenty of protein bars for you! We offer a wide selection of low-carb and calorie protein bars that can easily fit in your fat loss diet, so you can allow yourself to have a guilt-free snack. Best of all, the variety and quality of low-carb protein bars today is incredible, so you're bound to find one that can fit your taste buds.

Picking The Right Protein Bar When selecting a protein bar, look for one that contains the specific number of calories, carbs, and protein that you are looking for in your diet. It's always imperative that you meet your calorie needs for the day, so make that priority one. Beyond that, take a look at how many carbs and fats the bar contains, just to make sure the amount also fits in with your overall goals.

Protein should always be present in any protein bar you choose but it's still important to find a protein content that fits with your fitness goal. For bulkers and builders, aim for higher calories, carbs and protein. For the cutters and trimmers, go for low-calories, carbs, and fats.

There are lots of non-animal complete proteins available, as well, meaning that you can still build muscle as a vegetarian. This is a measure of how well different proteins are digested by the body, based on the solubility of the amino acids in the protein.

Include carbohydrates in your diet. It is important to have carbohydrates so that your body can tap into glycogen energy stores within your muscles while you are working out. If you do not eat enough carbohydrates your body will not have energy reserves and will break down your muscles instead! Because complex carbs are broken down slowly and have a low-glycemic index not as much sugar , they are acceptable to eat after a workout, and especially in the morning at breakfast.

Try to select carbohydrates low on the Glycemic Index, which are healthier and release their energy more slowly. Not all fats are created equal. In fact, there is evidence to suggest that eating healthy fats is actually good for you. Eat monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. These are the "better" fats.

Olive, peanut, sunflower, canola, and avocado oils Fish Nuts Flaxseed and pumpkin seeds Soy products such as tofu or soy milk. Limit saturated and trans fats. While there is conflicting evidence about saturated fats and their value in your diet, it is best to limit them. Ice cream, candy bars, and packaged snack foods High-fat cuts of meat Lard, stick margarine, and vegetable shortening Fried foods.

Consume plenty of fiber. Remember it is important to include green vegetables in your diet such as spinach or broccoli to ensure that you receive an adequate amount of vitamins.

As well, green leafy vegetables are high in fiber which is essential for removing waste from the body. Monitor your salt intake. It may be true that excessive consumption of salt can lead to hypertension but you lose tremendous amounts of sodium when you sweat. Also, sodium a key electrolyte aids in muscle contraction, which is one reason why it is found in many sports drinks.

Research suggests that replacing regular salt with potassium or magnesium salts can reduce sodium intake and may even lower blood pressure in those with high to normal blood pressure. Eat when you're hungry. Many muscle-builders get fooled into thinking muscle-building diets need to be more elaborate and complicated than they really do. Eating what you like, within the parameters mentioned in the previous section, is the key to gaining muscle mass consistently.

If you're not eating what you like in a regular pattern, it'll be harder to consistently follow through with your diet. Here's a sample diet to give you a better idea of what someone might eat throughout the day: Create a calorie surplus. For many muscle-builders, it's important to combine an increase in protein with an increase in calories, so all your hard work at the gym won't work against you.

You've got to build up enough fuel to burn as a way of building up your muscles, but not eat so many calories that they'll be transferred into fat. There's an ideal surplus of calories that you can find by calculating your maintenance calorie count, and your surplus.

For most people with a healthy body-weight, this is around 2, calories. Men should surplus about calories a day bringing the total to 2, , while women should surplus about calories a day bringing the total to 2, Over the course of a given week of muscle-building exercise and proper nutrition, this calorie increase should translate into roughly. Breakfast is probably the most important meal of the day aside from your post-workout meal.

Eating a breakfast packed with protein, complex carbohydrates, and fiber will get your metabolism going. It will also keep your body from cannibalizing any muscle for energy. Get protein into your breakfast. Omelets, shakes or smoothies and cottage cheese are great sources of protein.

Eat complex carbohydrates for breakfast. While simple carbohydrates such as sugar and donuts are broken down easily and cause a spike in your sugar levels, complex carbs oatmeal, bran, beans, whole grains are broken down over longer periods of time and don't cause spikes in blood sugar.

Eat less food more often. Eat at regular intervals to keep from getting so hungry that you splurge when you do eat. Your body will start to get hungry at the predetermined times you do eat because you've kept a consistent routine.

Try eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, post workout, before bed at least an hour before going to sleep and slip in two snacks in between. Snacks can include everything from nuts and seeds to sides of veggies or fruit.

If you're trying to gain muscle and lose weight, skip the before-bed meal. Eating right before you go to bed will cause the body to convert any unmetabolized food into fat instead of energy or muscle. Your body's metabolism shuts down right before bedtime. Drink plenty of water all throughout the day. Dehydration can mean poor muscle recovery, so make sure you drink lots of water throughout the day. Sip on water throughout your workout. The recommended daily amount of water for men is about 3 liters 0.

Buying a water filter is an economical way of converting your tap water into healthy, great-tasting water. Buy one and see your water consumption grow. Don't wait until you're thirsty to drink. Keep a steady supply of water going into your body, so you won't have to gulp or binge on water when you're dehydrated, which risks upsetting your stomach during workouts.

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