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I got my Duo Fusion Zantac rebate credit card in the mail last week. Although it is not easy to go through what we do, I think is it harder for those who love us to watch because they may feel helpless. Thanks for all you do Jenny!!! Thanks for the info. After the 14 it is no longer good. It was interesting expirimenting around with the Skypephone and landline trying either way making calls.

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They picked 6 states, including mine, to test to see if the sales would change if the ads were shorter. The part that sucks for us is that he said, for the most part, sales have stayed about the same in areas with these ads which means CVS is considering shorter ads everywhere.

Your comment made me feel better. I was thinking the same thing. I clicked on the link and there is no coupon on the CVS website. Debrox coupon link gives an error but just google Debrox coupon and i will take you to the right page. Did anyone try to do the PG deal more than once? I know it says limit 1, but sometimes it says one and you can do it twice. Anyone know if this is true? CVS will no longer take expired coupons! The corporation is coming down hard on stores that take them.

Also, stores are having to limit practically everything because people come in and clear the shelf using multiple extra care cards. I have seen stores already out of stock as early as Sunday because they start the sale on Saturday.

It really takes the fun out of couponing when you have to drive to multiple stores! CVS stores have been making a lot of changes lately. Just keeps me from having to get them back from them and pay them back. Diapers is also the only thing I use their cards for. I know everyone is different, but the Huggies diaper deal comes almost every 3 weeks, and you have to buy 4 packs to make it work.

I hardly ever do it with all 3 cards though. It would have to be an amazing deal for me to do that. Plus, some months the sale and coupons are better than others. I also have ECBS to roll.

Can someone explain how you are supposed to print these coupons like the colgate where you have to enter a number and receive a SMS text? Shawn- You put in your cell number in the box and hit submit. You have to open the text to see the code- then enter that into the box and hit submit again. If you look at the bottom there is a place to check to bypass entering your cell number.

Works for me every time. Not worth the coupon. I am finding that I lose a dollar or fifty cents in many transactions lately. Has anyone else noticed this problem? Callahan, FL Cvs never took expired coupons and hardly ever had empty shelves. I believe the empty shelve is more of a manager ordering issue than anything.

I started going to my old managers store if I was in his area additional 20 miles to get the deals. Also notice every time I shopped with the old manager I got survey but not the first one with this new manager been there 6 mnths thank goodness the staff is mostly the same, or that store would be failing!! It posts on Thursday evenings. Be sure to look at the correct tab at the top of the page so from Thursday until Saturday night there will be 2 lists up.

Sorry that happened to you. It post on Thursdays but you have to watch the top of the page. It will show both this weeks ad dates and next weeks.

Click on the header for next weeks ad and you should be good to go,. I am usually unable to find this coupon also but it just worked for me. I also went to the rite aid site and clicked printable coupons and it was there. I printed 2 times from each site total of 4 times. I did it yesterday. Anyone have any recent experience with getting expired ECBs reissued? However, I remember that they have said they can reissue the quarterly types but not the ones you earn from buying things. I called last week and they reissued mine with no problems.

I told them the amounts and expiration dates and that helped them look up the ECB in their system quicker.

Our store manager allows us to use ours for about a week after expiration. My store has told me 2 different things. So, no freebie here. They are outrageously expensive even when on sale!! I had extra bucks to use as well, so I paid even less than that. I am thinking last time it was a limit 2. I was able to do it twice even though the ad said limit 1. Does anyone have them for that price? Unless the add specifically states they are on sale for a lower price!

In my store they are the ones with the paper backing not a big plastic box around them. It was for Is your paypal account associated with a business? If so, I had a similar issue with Ibotta and could never recover the funds. Anyone having and issue adding the app only coupon for Coke or Dr Pepper?

Will they accept you showing them the app as the coupon? I looked in the sale paper and it says select Colgate Total products. Did I do something wrong or is this region to region?

I believe she just made a mistake. The deal is select Colgate Total. Optic White was not included. Anytime you want to see what all products are included in a deal, go to the CVS website and click myWeekly Ad top of the page.

You can put in your zip code to make sure deals are in your area. You can also click on a deal and it will show you all items that included in that deal. I think I got it all fixed. Checking the online ad like VP I went to CVS yesterday Knoxville and noticed that their computer system is now ringing items up differently. I bought two deodorants. I would contact corporate and complain.

They have a new coupon policy. No expired anything now. They needed to do that to stop all the fraud. We will lose ecb if we return items. Now, a second store near me has told me that. Has anyone does this.

Corporate will not reissue expired ECBs anymore. I found out when I called. I am having to really watch for the correct of cvs coupons to be verified. For the last month at least one did not come off my total. That one was in their ad and I printed it at their machine right before I purchased it. They said they are having big problems with this. I now count how many I have and tell them to check before they close out the transaction.

They have to put the coupons in the right order or else it voids out the coupon and they have to re-enter it, and always forget to re-enter at least one. It seems to happen more with the app coupons than any others. It seems to help the clerks get it right, plus I have backup to show when something did not come off the receipt like it should have. You have to hand them the coupons individually or tell them, I have two of these, etc. I wait until I see the coupon come off the total and then continue handing them my coupons.

No more handing them a pile of coupons…. I highly recommend forming a bond with the store mgr and sales associates!! They can and WILL keep you updated on store policies regarding coupons. Just stay informed, be NICE to your associates. Do we really need to BE Mrs. Thanks for all you do Jenny!!! Why should they take expired coupons??? Abusing the system is wrong. With this policy in place CVS will not reissue expired ecbs too.

I learned that today from CVS customer service who refuses to issue expired ecbs I have. Customer should think twice about shopping there. I called corporate and was told that too.

They suggested I talk to the store manager. I went during the day, and spoke to the store manager. He honored them, this time. My CVS will not allow these when they are on sale for. I have done this before with no problem. Then they started taking the actual price off instead of the amount on the coupon.

Any comments on this? What you have been told is the truth. The days of using personalized coupons those that print out of the red box for items on sale are over. ECBs can still be used, I believe, even if it is on an item on sale. Manufacturer coupons can still be used on items on sale. This is straight from their own new coupon policy: What happens when I want to use a coupon with a value that is higher than the amount I am purchasing?

You may still use the coupon; however, its value will drop down to the value of the amount you are purchasing. I talked with the manager at my local CVS. Coupons that print out of the red box that are percentages off of items will not work if the items are on sale. The ability to override is being taken away though.

I was able to use them. I looked three times for it. If I over looked it I am sorry. The cashier said that they had a new coupon policy and some things were not ringing up with the new policy. I really think that she may have forgotten to scan the coupon. Has anyone ever contacted corporate and sent them their receipt and got a refund? These are items I needed. I no longer have the coupon since it is at CVS. I called her back to see if she could get my coupon and save it and let me come back and her re-scan it.

Also, what is the procedure on getting expired extra bucks reissued by CVS.? She said that I could do that with the main company. They use that to look up the transaction themselves. They might do a one time reissue for those and tell you to be more careful if they are no longer taking expired ones. Any other questions that you have, ask corporate. Try to contact them as soon as possible.

Thank you for responding. I did send an email to corporate this morning with all of the transaction numbers from the receipt. I usually watch them scan each receipt, but was watching the terminal screen.

She told me she had to take all paper coupons before she could do the ones I wanted to use that were sent to my card. I have my receipt and products. What are the major differences in the policy now? I had just gotten used to using expired red box coupons within two weeks after they updated the policy a few months ago. But after reading comments here, I have cleared out all of mine. I wish they would release a statement instead of just putting up some signs and their staff saying it is changing.

Official things make life easier! Did she call today? I sent an email today and got a reply that it would be forwarded to the correct dept. Got it taken care on on the phone with corporate. I would encourage you to really examine and read your entire store receipt from top to bottom. If a similar in-store situation happens again, politely ask for the manager or supervisor, and step out of line to wait. Therefore, many store coupons will be highlighted on their registers as to whether they can apply them or not.

Hope this is helpful. I went to CVS last night. ECBs should still work. I am hoping he is right. Am I misunderstanding something? The Gillette Venus razor offer worked for me: Thanks for the tip! Is this a regional thing or am I doing something wrong!! They are tracking your purchases and your future coupons are based on your previous purchases. Mine seems to give me the same coupons over and over, so I think it must be linked to what you normally buy there.

Toothpaste, diapers, shampoo, and razors are typically what I always buy at CVS, and at any given time I almost always have those types of coupons on my CVS account. It definitely is based on what have bought in the past.

Her coupons are usually alot different from the ones I get. You can tell from her coupons the types of items that she buys.

I can always give it away or donation it. However, no one gets all the coupons every week. The other items listed in your CVS weekly deals was the same. Is this just due to regional differences? Has anyone done the Roc deal? You can go to the CVS website, click on MyWeeklyAd and then scroll down to the Roc deal, click more and it will tell you every product that is eligible for the deal. Just a heads up that the Checkout 51 Venus offers for regular and disposables specifically say no other coupon can be used.

My rebates were denied because I used the manufacture coupon. During the process of her deleting my items from my order, she screwed up the machine, causing a huge delay in the line, having to call for a Manager. I had already wasted so much of my time, I picked up my coupons and just walked out. I hate when couponing is more of a complication than a beneficial outcome. I went to my CVS today in the Atlanta area and they would not accept my printed coupons.

I was told that they had lost too much money on fraudulent coupons that the manufactures would not honor so this is their new policy, Anyone else hear this? At one store they start at noon, at another in my area they start at 6. My Mom does not have the app, but was printed the same coupon on her receipt. Last time I used a percent off coupon it put me under the dollar threshold. Return any items right after????? What about all the other customers waiting in line behind you that actually pay?

This is part of the reason for the new coupon policy and limiting items and only allowing one extra care card!!! Not to mention she kept telling the cashier to take that one off and coupons being expired. I do not clear the shelves, either. I always limit myself to only one offer per sales week. And I believe in treating the sales staff and other customers with respect and kindness. It does not matter if a customer is paying with coupon, extrabucks, gift card or any form of payment. I actually feel bad for people who dont use coupon.

Anyone else have the same issue? I found a great deal on the Scope Mouthwash that made it a moneymaker. You would have been able to use those coupons on the first day of the ad. Manager said they were all fraudulent even though they printed from the CVS site. Anyone else had this issue? Does anyone else ever find a coupon for that product in their papers?

In the database, we have that there are two available. Is the amount off for the Irish Spring bodywash or is just too late at night?

Jenny, do you have any idea if this works just like the usual dollar off amounts for a specific purchase amount i. These should work exactly like all the other store coupons.

Just like their ECB deals in the weekly ad, the computer looks for the total purchase to met before coupons. Yes, that is exactly what happened.

I appreciate all that you do! Got some great fancy headbands and baretts for stocking stuffers for 99 cent to 2. I finally managed to get to CVS this morning. I had a great time.

I could have done a little better but I forgot to clip a couple of coupons before I left the house. I live an hour away from my closest CVS so going home was not an option.

I wish I could post a picture. That is strange the ad would be so different. You should still find them all on sale in your store though. Is there a way to see the actual circular on cvs dot com?

I guess maybe I bought some Suave there in the last 6 months and not the others. I googled the circular and found it. It does show the various brands. Sorry that was a typing error: That will make it a better deal again. Has anyone had trouble with the mail in rebates lately? I also did the duo fusion zantac rebate have not seen it. So this is three mail in rebates!! Two of which of which I sent my only receipts therefore no way to prove I bought the products! On the Venus Razor deal you state to use 2 manuf.

You can use 2. The 2ct part is for the disposables. If you notice, even the pic on the mq shows a 1 ct regular razor. They will still be free plus overage after savingstar but if this is how the registers are working now it could mess up other deals.

CVS customer care says there is nothing that they can do, they said to talk to the store manager. Very poor customer service.

Great trip to CVS today! My CVS is so awesome. I have a question about: Or do they use the before sale price to calculate it? I have received several the past few weeks on my receipt. I am confused about the new coupon policy at CVS and I could really use some help. This is regular price — not on sale.

I nearly always use it to buy my Sunday papers, actually. Once I see the final total, I hand over my extra buck rewards basically paying down the balance with them so I can keep track of final cost. Has CVS store coupon policy changed recently? I have always been able to stack a store and manufacturer coupon, but the last time I went to CVS, I was told I would have to choose only one. Has anyone else notice the change in what you can use your ECB on.

It sucks because that ECB helpe when milk was on sale. Our has a small cooler section but just disappointed I can no longer use ECB on food purchase like milk and eggs. I have noticed that my milk deals in Indiana no longer produce ECBs. I did pretty good over the last week stocking up on necessities.

Also, is there a particular order coupons should be given to the cashier? U by Kotex is limit 1, for Ibotta you will have to buy 2. So not free but still a good deal. I believe you could save a little more by buying 1 large 36 ct. The Ibotta offer simply excludes 18 ct. The CVS coupon is good on the tampons or pads only. The online price of the tampons, 18ct. Thanks for catching the Ibotta mistake.

Can you still get next weeks deals on Saturday? If so what time does the system allow it? It might be 6 pm or 8 pm, not sure. Just realize that they might not have the items tagged for the week you are shopping. Some other stores but not all have overlapping ads from 4 PM until midnight.

You can ask them. You could ask your store if they do that too, and then you could just go on Sunday. Be careful with overlapping ads, because the system will pick the deal that IT thinks is best, but it may not be the deal you were trying to do.

So be careful if an item is included in both ads. The Softsoap handsoap coupon is for 8 oz. Buy 2 CVS jumbo pack diapers: I just left CVS extremely frustrated. I explained that it has always rounded up and printed. She said their coupon policy changed and that is no longer the case. Has anyone else experienced this? What did it say on the bottom of your receipt for your offer? That you need to spend.

They are really tightening up their policies. This was the first time that happened- ever. She told me they are really enforcing their policies now: Love that I found you. What did I buy? My CVS would not accept the Softsoap coupon because it is for 8oz. How many ECB can you get back per deal?

Like if I was to buy the toothpaste today then happen to discover another coupon can I get the ECB again if I buy it the following day? Or is it one ECB per card? They are listed in the ads and also on the hang tags at the store, but Jenny has kindly listed them in her description above.

The limit she prints in the description is the maximum times you can earn ECBs on that deal per card per week, whether within the same transaction, separate transactions on the same day, or different days in the week. Sometimes CVS will print limit 1 deal, but the receipt shows that you can do it again! It should be there. You may have to add your zip. You have to link your CVS card with it then they will automatically credit your account when you buy the product. For the Huggies Deal Scenario: I really wish your ECB just got attached to your card!

They show up right away so I can check them before I leave the store. Anyone know anything about that? If I buy 4 Windex 2. Is this the new rule? Did I miss something in the offer?

I thought I replied yesterday, but the comment disappeared? I wish they made it easier to tell everything that is included. It may help if you try a different browser. If you are still having trouble email me at jenny southrensavers. Redplum coupons are not included in the Sunday paper that I get. Is there any other place I can get them? If you decide to have your Extrabucks sent to your online CVS account rather than having them print out at the register, they show up as having an expiration 7 days after your purchase.

This expiration date is the date by which you have to send your ECBs to your card, it is not the expiration date for using the ECBs. The actual date for using the ECBs is about a month after your purchase. I got burned and ended up returning some of the items I did not use. I was really worried about this as well. I never sent it to my card, but just left it out there, and scanned my card at the machine.

So confused about this new system!!!! Thanks for posting this. Every time you click on it, it refreshes and takes you to this weeks ad. It might help if you try a different browser, like Chrome or Firefox. For the Venus razor deal, in the past it has always printed the ECBs if you buy two razors, rather than a razor and a refill as it is advertised.

Please be careful telling the cashier your telephone number. I was told it was already used using my telephone number. I asked what they bought and where it was used Hanes Mall Blvd. That is strange that your ECBs were spent without you knowing. That is sad that someone stole your money.

Sounds to me like CVS should stop using phone numbers as a convenient way to access accounts. People should have to carry their cards and scan them. How do I select more than one coupon at a time to pint from the above links? Each time I click on the printable coupon link it opens a new tab for each coupon instead adding the selected coupon within the same tab.

When I open the first link and it selects the coupon I chose, I just look for the other two and select them myself and print all three at the same time. Thanks so much for your reply. I was wondering if I was the only one who has this problem. Is anyone else having issues with more than 1 or 2 cpns scanning during a transaction at CVS since the beginning of the new year? All 3 are telling me no. They tried to give me the whole, we can change our cpn policy at anytime line.

By the time they have rerun my order 1 to 3 times the people behind me in line are lasering a hole in my back. I dread going any more and the cashiers hate to see me coming. I know it gets frustrating, I do. Just keep a positive attitude on how much you save seriously, they ARE secretly jealous As for the Cashiers, just be nice, and just as patient with them as you are with yourself.

Hi Mari, Thanks for the help. I am going to CVS today and see if this works. I would simply break it down into separate transactions and use your coupons that way. It concerns me thought because I do stack their cvs coupons with mfr coupons. The store manager said they have had trouble since the first of the year. She had to do separate transactions to get all my coupons to work. Same thing happened to me in Newnan, GA.

The mfg coupons I had were 4 for diapers. The assistant mgr was the one who rung up my sale. I showed him my coupon said there was a limit of 4 identical coupons allowed per purchase and that it should go through.

After my much disappointment he somehow got the 4th coupon to go through. I will do separate transactions from now on. Yes, apparently it is a typo. Why is the Savingstar not accepting receipts from CVS? Because Savingstar is linked to your CVS card you should of had to put in your card number on the app. No need to scan items or upload receipts it goes automatically. Has limits if you read how many can be used in a purchase. Serveral say one per product or no more than four like coupons per order, per person, per day I noticed you needed to use two then a printed out coupon to match up to several deals.

Couponing is getting tougher. Unfortunately what was meant to be helpful to all has been abused by a few. Stocked up on laundry supplies, few other items, missed out on shampoo deals either not enough to complete deal or store was out. Family can do laundry. Altogether it means you can buy up to 4 of the same item and use up to 4 of the same coupon in that purchase.

I totally agree that couponing is getting tougher but it would help if both couponers and stores understood the coupons. I need a response on this question ladies and gentlemen! I bought 2 items at 6. This was a shock to me, have never had this happen before.

Employee said this was started in Oct. This was a different store than I usually shop at. Made a small mistake in my previous comment. I have to drink them for the vitamins and fat to gain weight and keep my potassium, protein, and much more in a good range.

If your cvs has the simply boost in dark chocolate, GET it! Put it in the freezer minutes before drinking and there you have a non-sinful dessert!!!!!!!!!!!! Please explain to me how to use 3 manufacture coupons for most of the deals on here.

Usually you can print two copies from one computer. It did not print for me but did for my son. Switched up my original list and got 2 Irish Spring and 1 Softsoap body washes. Also got 1 Palmolive dish soap.

How close do you have to be to the amount to actually get the ECB? I want to do the Aquaphor deal but only have two coupons. It depends on the item. I had bought make up a few weeks ago that lacked. The manager said that certain items do not trigger it that it has to be exact or over. Depends on the product. Today at my CVS I did the soft soap deal, I bought three and used three of the 75 cents off manufacture coupons.

So I had to buy one more a fourth to get the extra bucks. If this is their new policy then I will be severely cutting back on my CVS shopping! Also, what zip is used for the Red Plum Maybelline Mascara? However both of the mfr are coupons have reached their limit. Unfortunately the Maybelline coupon is gone: How does the app savings work. I have no experience in using this approach. Thanks again in advance for helping me understand this process.

How does CVS exchange policy work? I bought diapers a couple of months ago, but I now need a different size. Can I still exchange them? I can only give my story at my store- I bought WAY too many of a small size for the new grandbaby and kept no receipts. You can look up the deal and see each item that is included in it.

The last time I bought anything CVS brand was a few weeks ago and it was batteries. Both of those offers are vague offers that they have started running that are rarely in the ad.

My Checkout51 app says you can not use with any other coupon. In my experience, Checkout 51 works with my CVS receipt because the coupons are listed on the bottom. So I have been able to get the offer because they have no idea which coupons are for which items.

Just a heads up from my personal experience today. My local CVs and i went to 2 different ones is not offering the Colgate deal but rather a crest deal. My experience has been that if the item is already on sale e. Just ask the cashier or scan your item in the red box to see if the item has a sales price for that week. Thanks for the info. I went today and scanned my card, and I only got 2 coupons. No, it should give you all the coupons you were set to get any time during the week.

Yeh you can log onto your account. But what it shows me and prints will be differant than someone else. I just spent half an hour trying to get the Kleenex coupons site to let me on. It is so frustrating. Are the prices where you are really that different or was it a typo.

I think this must be different in different areas. Or will the cashier be required to adjust my coupon down to meet the price of the Colgate? Anyone having trouble with proctor and gamble coupons? My CVS is not accepting them anymore which seems weird since their ads still promote the use of those coupons. If not, looks like I will switch to one of the other drugstores. I experienced the same thing earlier this month…one CVS refused to take them, another one just manually keyed them. I would suggest trying another store or contacting corporate.

You cannot print them from home, but you can long into your account online and load them to your cvs card. For one thing, I can only print one coupon online instead of two; has this changed?

Also, does anyone know where I can get inserts for the Atlanta Journal and Constitution or any from a large city? The website I used before is for sale, so that seems to be no longer an option. I have the same issue with the Redplum website. It only prints one coupon for most offers.

I can still print 2 at most other sites. I also noticed the coupon insert site may be for sale. You should be able to print 2 coupon for most printable coupons. If you are still having trouble email me at jenny southernsavers. As for coupon inserts, I get mine from http: Anyone having trouble getting extra bucks if you use the Coupons CVS sends you that you can send to your card?

It happened to me also. She credited my account with the ECB which showed on my account the next day. She said to allow 48 hours. Some of the stores I go, when you have email receipts there is a delay it looks like on when the EBs post.

They come like a day or two late, the emailed receipt may have 1 or 2 offers on the side of it and then about 2 days later a whole bunch show up to send to card in the app and as someone else mentioned contact customer service by phone, they can look it in do it within a day since the time to add them is short.

So would this not work? It is a little misleading—at best, it is confusing. My paper did not have them even though it is listed on the website Florida Times Union. No variations for my paper this week! If you order today you should get them Saturday. I did last week order Wed. You are in a test market area. CVS has been experimenting with different ideas for awhile now. They try them out for so long in a particular area and then track how sales are going. My area and 5 other states were in a test market for the majority of last year.

Oh my goodness, my CVS in Iowa just started this last week. I went today and none of the items in the ad were on sale. I hope they go back to the weekly ads… I really needed the items that were on sale.

You can get in contact with our customer support team by clicking here. You can close your SavingStar account on our website under your user Profile. To do this, go to SavingStar. Click the My Account link in the top right corner then click the Profile tab. At the bottom of the Profile tab, click the Close Account button.

A confirmation will appear. Click on Close My Account to confirm and your account will be closed. You will not be able to reopen your account without contacting us, and any rebates that are currently selected in this account will not be available if you register your loyalty cards with a new account.

How do I use SavingStar rebates? SavingStar is a paperless way of saving with rebates at the grocery stores where you shop every day. Depending on the store, rebates link to your existing grocery and drug store loyalty cards or you can submit receipts for your purchases. Join SavingStar for free. Choose the stores where you shop. For Automatic-Savings Stores, when you use your card at checkout like you normally do, your savings are automatically added to your SavingStar account within days depending on when the store sends us the purchase data.

How do SavingStar One or Many rebates work? You can make your purchases in one trip or many at any participating store. Buy in one trip or many — First, activate the rebate. Then buy in one trip or many at any store where you have a card registered with SavingStar or one of our Receipt-Scan Stores. Make sure to scan your card or save your receipt every time you shop. Track your progress — Track your progress on SavingStar. You will receive your savings when you reach your goal.

Like other SavingStar rebates, your grocery bill will not change — when you receive your savings they will appear in your SavingStar account. When do I need to activate a SavingStar rebate? In order to be guaranteed credit for a SavingStar rebate or One or Many offer, they must be activated in your account before you make any purchases. For Receipt-Scan Stores, you may also activate the rebate within the same day of that you make the purchase. We recommend activating any rebates in which you are interested as soon as possible.

The brands who sponsor our rebates sometimes limit number of activations per rebate. You are only eligible to be rewarded once for the same One or Many offer. How and when do savings post? Savings are not given when you checkout at the store. For Automatic-Savings stores they are deposited into your SavingStar account typically within days after your purchase, depending upon how quickly the store sends us purchase data.

Some stores can take up to 22 days to post your savings. For Receipt-Scan Stores, your purchase will post in days after you submit your receipt. For more details on the timetable for a specific store, click here. I bought a product before the rebate expired, but my savings have yet to post. Will I still get my savings? For Receipt-Scan Stores, you can submit your receipt up to 3 days after the rebate expires as long as your purchase was complete before the expiration date.

If a rebate requires me to buy 2 or more of a product, does it need to be in the same transaction? Yes, it does need to be in the same transaction. How often are new rebates available? Every first of the month we have new rebates, and we typically have new rebates on Thursdays and Sundays, although new deals may become available at any time. We also post a new Healthy Offer of the Week each Tuesday for qualified members.

Can I get credit for my online grocery purchases? Are SavingStar rebates doubled by retailers? SavingStar rebates are not doubled. If you use in-store digital coupons it may prevent you from earning a reward for the corresponding SavingStar rebate. I used a coupon when purchasing items for a One or Many offer, what amount will apply to my One or Many? Our One or Many rebates may be calculated after all store discounts, sales and coupons have been applied.

Can I participate in both Upromise and SavingStar? SavingStar provides the grocery rebates for the Upromise service. You may register for both the Upromise and SavingStar, including registering your same store loyalty cards in each service.

However, you may only activate a particular rebate in one service during a single promotion period. Nationwide, over 22, stores participate in SavingStar as Automatic-Savings Stores, representing over 75 retail chains. Click here to see a list of all retailers including receipt-scan stores. If I have more than one store loyalty card registered, will the rebates load to all of them? SavingStar rebates will load to all of your registered cards. When you buy the qualifying product s at any of the stores, we will reward you for the purchase.

Note that some rebates are designated to be available only at specific retailers. These will be marked with a yellow banner that indicates where they may be used For example — Only at: How do I add a card to my SavingStar account through the app or the website?

How does this work? How do I redeem rebates at Receipt-Scan Stores? Make a purchase and be sure to save your receipt. Use the SavingStar mobile app or our website to submit a picture of your receipt app available on iPhone or Android.

To redeem through the app, tap the receipt button. First scan the UPCs barcodes from your purchase. Then take a picture of your receipt using the app.

If you already have the app, make sure to update to the newest version! On the website, click Submit Receipt above the top right rebate at https: Do not include any letters that might be found after the numbers. From the web, enter the PLU number founded directly on your receipt. If your receipt does not have a PLU number printed on it, you can also enter the name of the product.

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