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Luckily for me I heard a colleague of mine talking about this company, I got interested. Also, without standard locations, mail must be hand directed, and in the event that you are hand steering the mail, there is no reason for having postal districts. Usually the strong signals are farther apart in frequency, or farther away from the one you are trying to listen to, and then the gangs will do their job and attenuate strong offending stations. I will go to Amazon, get what I need and I will be done with this sub standard co. I can make my decisions with out your mindless oversight! The issue seems to me that when a circumstance is out of the ordinary, there is no reliable source of information, I have gotten Three different answers.

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I was using the same setup that I use with the powders I get from Caswells and I get great results from them. It seems to really depend on the batch.

Quite a few people I know have used it and found tricks to deal with minor issues like small clumps such as using a mortar and pestle, a tea strainer, etc. When dealing with small quantities sold in large lots, problems will abound. Eastwood has a nice low-temperature clear coat that really makes the base coat pop. Some of the early problems I had with the finish were due to trapped oils or solvents outgassing from the part during curing in the oven.

I pre-bake parts now, let them cool, then coat and bake. I would never use their powder. Get it from a real source. You can anodize in a garage just fine. The biggest problem is getting all of the parts together and the knowledge of how to do it. The other difficulty is that anodizing cast aluminum often times does not work very well due to the chemistry.

These do not appear to be precision milled skateboard trucks made from known wrought alloys. Powder coating does not have this issue. Depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Both have their place but both can be done in a garage.

These things are fairly cheap. I wonder how good a high voltage power supply these would make. The radiant heating causes different shaped parts to heat at different rates. Has anyone found a solution to this? The powder coat gun.. A toaster over… could buy, but the need to have a sandblasting cabinet and equipment etc. Comet is the US brand.

Sandblasting can warp sheetmetal pretty badly. I have had good luck with fine emory paper or the scotchbrite abrasive wheels. Clean stuff up with lacquer thinner to get all the oil off after whatever prep you use. Lacquer thinner does just what it says, it thins oils. To get a good bond for paint or powder coat you need the oil completely gone.

You need to mechanically remove the oil or chemically break it down, this is where sandblasting or abrasive bathroom cleaners ie; comet come in. Is media blasting absolutely necessary? I ended up going the mad scientist route and building a gun from scratch using a flyback from a tv and plumbing parts. Trophy goes to scgibson81 for the coolest comment! Kudos to all those who make their own stuff. The block diagram and schematics are here: Note I use a bottle with air flowing from the bottom up to fluidize the powder; it gives much better results than pouring it on as they do in the video.

I have one of those Craftsman guns. I also recommend sandblasting; it evens out the finish, preps the surface, and eradicates all sorts of blemishes. Little parcels that are sent with China Post Small Packet Plus have digit following number that more often than not tracks just until the point that it leaves China. Normal conveyance time shifts between 20 to 60 days. Once in a while it can be from 15 to 90 days. A large portion of the bundles, sent by means of China Post Small Packet Plus, are effectively conveyed to the beneficiary.

Once in a while, these bundles can be conveyed appropriately to your letter drop on the off chance that they are sufficiently little or you can get it at your nearby postal office. The greatest preferred standpoint of China Post Small Packet Plus is that it has insignificant conveyance expenses to Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and most different nations worldwide and furthermore has sensible conveyance times.

Our site tracks the vast majority of bundles sent by China Post Small Packet Plus from Aliexpress and other prominent online stores in China. China Post Small Packet Plus is cash sparing delivery technique by national postal administration of China. Small parcels that are sent with China Post Small Packet Plus have digit following number that more often than not tracks just until the point that it leaves China.

Normal conveyance time shifts between 15 to 60 days. Once in a while, it can be from 15 to 90 days. China Post offers an extensive variety of postal administrations including letters, newsletters, parcel and magazines, stamp collecting, handling agent and information business. In India, it is also provide all kind of parcel services. It has wide services in India. China package shipment use different service to deliver in transportation term. China post deliver package in very short span because of same continental by geographical.

To track package user need china post tracking number to track their parcel in the real-time information system. The user needs to go china post official website to track parcel status. Once user enters the china post tracking number in search field user will get all information about package status.

China post shipment tracking is used also in India. By using official website of China post group you have to signup to know about your parcel status. China post tracking number is very useful for package status. It is used by world-wide. China post track gives a real-time information to users to know about parcel or package information. China post tracking provides control in the different language which is widely used such as Chinese, English, Japanese etc.

China post tracking English is very friendly all over worldwide. China post tracking English provides all information in the English language. However the user can change language option once the user is on china post group official website. It is very easy in use to get all information about china post tracking of user package or parcel.

Chinese tracking system has all same process whether ordinary small packet plus, ems china post tracking or packet tracking post. Chinese tracking system is very useful to track each every process once user dispatched or ordered china post tracking. China post tracking has its help center if user faces any trouble. It has 24 by 7 services commitment. User needs to understand that for any assistance importance of china post tracking number.

This is the only mandatory tracking number to check package or parcel status across the way or process. It will give all data about your package area or status. It will demonstrate you additionally expected conveyance date and time. This tracking number is the only number to track user parcel status by real-time information.

So once the user has done their deal with China post need to mark China post tracking number. The government of The United state owns it. The United state federal government has authority to provide the wide range of postal services in the world.

The USPS is the administrator of the biggest non-military personnel vehicle armada on the planet. The USPS is lawfully committed to serving all Americans, paying little mind to geology, at uniform cost and quality. These are England, Japan and China. Firstly you have to understand your parcel is moving from the inception handling plant to the goal preparing plant.

It will more often than not touch base around the time you typically get your mail, despite the fact that conveyance time varies as per various distinctive variables, similar to mail volume, staffing issues, and so on. Airmail is used for continental based services. Whether parcel place within same continental or different continental China Post air mail provide widely postal services.

Airmail is a mail transport benefit based and sold based on road less transportation but by adventure being via air. Airmail things ordinarily arrive more smoothly than road transportation mail.

However normally cost more to send because of freight services and all different stuff of formality. This Airmail service is not only costly but it delivers parcel or package within a time bound. China post air mail is one of them. China post Air mail provide this service in the worldwide region. Would-be filter modders are cautioned that while replacing a tuner's stock filters with new narrower ones will certainly improve selectivity, if the new filters have not been professionally measured and matched, there is likely to be a noticeable degradation of audio quality.

Particularly when changing filters in a digitally tuned receiver, one should ensure that the new narrow filters are centered right on An alignment can improve a tuner's weak-signal reception, distortion, and stereo separation.

Also, in many cases the tuning dial reads incorrectly, and an alignment solves that problem although it should be pointed out that a well-calibrated tuning dial does not necessarily indicate that the tuner is properly aligned. Setting the tuner's detector correctly can also improve reception of adjacent-channel stations. If one listens primarily to strong local stations, it may not be apparent that a tuner is out of alignment, and a misaligned tuner can have sensitivity as high poor as uV and still sound fine on locals.

With a good alignment, the sensitivity of many top tuners can be improved to 1. Then a bunch of BNC cables, test leads, probes, etc. In some cases, you may have to build adapters or probes from scratch or otherwise improvise. Procuring the equipment is one thing, and figuring out how to use it successfully is another.

Many people could do it with proper training and help, but it is best learned by observing in person, like learning a trade, rather than by reading how to do it. Usually the manual for the stereo generator is a good starting point. Our panelist Bob discusses alignment techniques in our FMtuners group in the series of posts beginning here , and here is a useful discussion of alignments of Scott tuners, most of which have broader application. When selecting a shop for tuner modifications, repairs, or even just a tuneup, ask what kind of test gear they use to complete the final RF checkout and alignment.

We believe it is critical that RF mods, repairs, and alignments be fully measured to ensure that the tuner meets or exceeds factory specs as set forth in the service manual. This critical measurement should be in addition to the final listening test.

January update Bob suggests the following for those who want to learn to do their own alignments and repairs: One, to give people a map or learning process. Second, to help by identifying the material that should be covered, and key phrases to be used in searches. You should be able to get all the info you need on the internet. To understand an FM tuner, you need to understand FM. Keyword searches in places like Wikipedia, or in general on the internet: Questions you need to understand: What is the FM deviation standard?

Why are pre-emphasis and de-emphasis used? How is an audio signal's amplitude represented in an FM signal?

What is the standard for stereo pilot frequency and level? How does stereo multiplexing work? Next, understand how an FM tuner works. First, though, separate the learning process by the major technologies for vintage tuners: Start by reading the theory of operation, then the tuner block diagram, and identify the above sections on the block diagram.

Make sure to include all three technologies if you want to get the full spectrum. Then work at identifying the above sections on the schematic.

A really good read on the state of modern tuners, including explanations of many sections above, can be had by reading David Rich's two FM tuner articles in Issues 23 and 24 of the Audio Critic, located here. Completing this self-study exercise should give one the background needed to start aligning and repairing FM tuners. See our DIY Mods page for information on modifying tuner audio sections.

This small PCB fits in place of a standard ceramic filter and provides sockets for two filters plus some additional IF amplification. There's more information about the board on our Filters page, and here are some of the variations: Bill also measures and sells matched sets of ceramic filters, and sometimes has modified tuners for sale to DXers or audiophiles. Contact Bill at ammonsphxATearthlink. The best information we've seen on all aspects of antennas can be found on Jeremy Lansman's website.

It's an absolute must read. The Carver TXb's owner's manual has a very nice section on antennas. To demystify the murky world of antenna specifications, be sure to check out our contributor Brian Beezley's website , with computer-modeled performance results and reception patterns for many antennas.

Mark has been doing audio restorations since and his work gets rave reviews from our contributors. Mark can handle repairs and restorations of almost any vintage equipment, including tubed gear and peculiar brands like Sumo, and offers a six-month limited warranty on all restoration work.

As an authorized McIntosh Service Center, Mark has access to original McIntosh parts, can service their equipment dating back to the s, and also provides warranty service for newer Mac products.

You can also visit his website or call him at Terry DeWick in Knoxville, Tennessee, is well known to many McIntosh customers as an extremely talented technician, but his expertise and services are not limited to McIntosh products.

He states on his website: Also repair of Antique Radios, A. Authorized McIntosh warranty repair. Tuner alignment and updates, Amplifier updates, measured data returned with each unit. Email Terry at dewicktATesper. Tim Schwartz of Bristol Electronics in Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey has worked on several pieces for two trusted TIC contributors, one of whom says, "His work is superb, turnaround time reasonable, fairly priced, and he's honest to a fault.

He can be reached at Rick Rupert in South Williamsport, Pennsylvania offers repairs and restorations on all makes of tuners, receivers, and other equipment, whether new or vintage, tube or transistor.

Two trusted TIC contributors vouch for his work. Contact Rick at rrupertATaol. Foster Blair rebuilds and repairs all types of vintage Scott equipment, including amplifiers, tuners, multiplex units, and the hardest to work on, tube receivers.

He has over 35 years experience working with Scott equipment and has an extensive collection of vintage Scott gear.

Foster has the necessary test equipment, schematics and knowledge to fix dead, sick or wounded Scotts at very reasonable cost. Contact Foster at fjblairATcomcast. Approved Audio Service in Bantam, Connecticut claims to "specialize in repair and calibration of all high-end audio equipment.

They're an authorized repair center for many high-end brands and one of the few options for Tandberg owners.

Visit their website for more information. Mike Zuccaro in San Diego, California is willing to tackle repairs on any tuner or receiver, whether tube or solid state, stereo or mono, including high-end units like Sequerras and Marantz 10Bs and even "exotic stuff. None of our panelists have used him but his work has been recommended by others. Mike is a McIntosh factory authorized service center. Contact Mike at mjzuccaroATaol.

We have heard some horror stories in our FMtuners group about tuners that Ken has held onto for YEARS here's just one of 'em, part of a long message thread , and obviously he has forgotten that reputable businesses have an obligation to communicate with their customers. We're going to opine, without malice, that there must be some serious mental issue here, based on the number and severity of the complaints and Ken's utter failure to respond publicly to them.

With so many other good techs recommended above, you'd have to have a screw loose yourself to send your equipment into the black hole of Ken's shop. In addition to a discussion of tuners and related topics, our FMtuners discussion group groups. Registration is relatively painless. The most extensive online collection of radio, TV, broadcasting, electronics and engineering magazines and more resides at americanradiohistory.

Our hats are off to David Gleason for putting together such an incredible resource. You could easily spend hours investigating the audio websites indexed at Steve Ekblad's Audiogrid.

Audiolinks is another great compilation that also offers useful electronics FAQs. The Audiophile's Guide to the Galaxy is a concise collection of the best audio links, including discussion forums, tech stuff and DIY, etc.

The Vintage Knob , a growing "online audio museum," has beautifully designed pages with photos and commentary on all types of audio gear including tuners. TIC unabashedly borrows tuner photos from k-nisi's site page 1 , page 2 , page 3 , which has lots of cool Japanese tuners rarely if ever seen in the U. Thanks to our contributor Lorne in Japan for this translation of k-nisi's tuner pages.

Another stop for Marantz fans is the MarantzTalk group on Yahoo. Ben's site should not be confused with classicaudio. There are a number of other good websites for fans of particular hi-fi brands.

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